Monday, June 1, 2009

Must See...


Kristy said...

He always challenges me - everytime I hear him speak - I have to rethink what I do and believe - and what things I believe only because I have been "taught" them by others.

Thanks for sharing it.

The Queen of Chaos said...

Can I ask you what don't you get about this?

Greg Sponberg [] said...

Queen of Chaos, thanks for writing... I totally "get it"... I'm just challenged by Chan's msg, agreeing with him on the part about being taught a system, and wrestling with why evangelicalism has such a hole in it (to borrow a thought from Richard Stearns' "The Hole In Our Gospel").

I'm with Kristy... the more I listen to this guy the more challenged I am.


Blameless said...

That clip just challenged me to send an email that I hope repairs some damage I caused....because of the system I have been brought up in.

Thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I just finished his book "Crazy Love" last week... can't stop thinking about it.

Thanks for sharing Greg. You guys are often in my prayers.

Folsom, CA

Anonymous said...

I am a very open minded person when it comes to religion. I consider myself to be christian but there are several questions I have and pieces like this always challenge me as well. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for responding (and I see you changed the title). I totally understand Chan. Had never heard him until your post and I want to read and learn more about him. I asked that way of you because I didn't want to start an argument in your comments lol

People were shocked when my late husband returned from Haiti in Feb 2006 and he told them, we're selling everything and moving to Haiti to help them out. We take so much for granted here. It was at that moment that our lives drastically changed. We re-thought every purchase, looked at all our "stuff" and questioned "Why?" Those people were so grateful for getting a little food, and we complain when the meal takes too long at a restaurant.

It's a struggle, to do the right thing in our materialistic society AND know that we are taking care of ourselves, children and neighbors.

I'm going to write about this soon, I hope you are alright with me linking back to your blog when I do.


Anonymous said...

I truly love God and seek for His will in my life, but I do often find it confusing. This speaker made sense to me and I agree with him; yet we took Dave Ramsey's class and are working on our 6 month emergency fund and that also makes scriptural sense to me too. There are many verses in the bible that speak about being wise with our money and storing for our future---I think it's in Proverbs where it speaks about the wisdom of the ant who knows to store for the future.

I have also been reading Jim Cymbala's books and have been just stunned by reading how his church worships and openly cries out to God.....I do agree that most churches are far from where they should be.


Sun said...

I first heard Francis Chan speak through an online posting of a Passion Conference - and OH MY! Every single time I listen to him speak or read something he writes - it challenges me and humbles me - because he is one of the few people that I know truly, truly believes every single thing written and lives his life according to it. I WANT that. But if I am honest, I am not even close to it yet.

I came across an awesome Tozer quote this week from a book I checked out of the library - the book is called Gems From Tozer...I wanted to share it with you -
"we are called to an everlasting preoccupation with God" (pg 13). What a beautiful exhoration!

Thanks for sharing your heart and all that you are learning - Sunshine

Anonymous said...

Thanks for contacting me directly on this to clarify and discuss further. I am drafting a blog entry on a similar topic based on my personal experiences in recent years.

I hope you chime in once it's posted over the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!!! May God be with you and your family always..Praying for you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Have you considered reading "The Shack" by Wm paul young?

soooo good! I think you'd enjoy it!

Kacie said...

As I read and watch challenging things like this I think what I'm taking away from it is that I need to open my eyes so that in my daily life I am able to identify and ACT in areas where the extravagant love of Christ should motivate me to do something different than what society expects me to do (and therefore what my natural tendancies are).

I don't know exactly where God is calling me to lay it all out or pour out my life, but if I open my eyes out of love for Him, then I will see it these things when they come.

Mare said...

I too just finished reading Crazy Love and was truly changed. Like Julie, we too started Dave Ramsey's class and are finally starting to save our 6 months emergency fund.

Like Fances, Dave Ramsey states that the first thing we should do with out money is give...give to those less fortunate. However, there are scripture that clearly states we should also save for our future.

Both books make so much sense spiritually...I believe we can with discipline, do both...give, give, and give...while still being responsible with our spending and savings...we really don't need all the "stuff" we have. Stop spending foolishly and give to those who'll be surprised...after all is done, God will provide you with the money you need to save for your future.

Joy said...

Just wanted to say - thanks for posting this; I listened to it first, then my husband did, too. We were both challenged!