Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update : 11808

[ Drumroll please... ]

Ok, forget the drum roll. I'm about to dash your hopes. Ours' were dashed last night. But we're over it... really. Suffice it to say that our potential buyer threw us all for a loop... her agent, our agent, and us. I would love to share all the juicy details with you, but there's no point. I don't want to speak badly about the situation or the person (who, by the way we have not met and don't know at all). Basically, there is no deal and I doubt there will be with this individual. To be candid, it was all VERY ridiculous. BUT, we know that God has it all worked out so we're not stressing about it... and that feels really, really good.

Thank you for praying just the same... those prayers are going to be answered!

So, in case you don't already know, I put a few extra songs on Nicol's myspace page yesterday. There are now six: (1) Blessed Be Your Name; (2) Bow Down; (3) How Deep the Father's Love for Us; (4) My Father the King; (5) Resurrection; and (6) Hallelujah. The last two are familiar ones! :-)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

PS--By the way, a shameless plug here... a couple of days ago I bought the ESV Study Bible and I LOVE it! If you aren't familiar with the ESV (English Standard Version) you can check it out online at biblegateway. It's the translation I use most in my reading and studying (not that that matters!) and the new Study Bible has many excellent articles, maps, and charts in addition to the thousands and thousands of commentary notes on the text. You can check it out here.

Grace and Peace.


Becca said...

We can completely emphasize with you. We had two "contracts" like that where the buyer, for lack of a more polite term, flaked out. It was so frustrating. I'm sorry.

I was just reliving our moving experience a couple of days ago. The good news is we did finally sell our house. And you will too!

Beth said...

I came across your blog several months ago from Angie's. I just want you and Nicol to know that my husband and I pray for you often!!! May God's grace and mercy and peace be on you and your family!!!

Angie said...

So sorry about the offer. That must mean there is a better one waiting for you!

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Bummer about the house..... but your words and energy sound very up. And you are so right..... it WILL always work out in due time, everything always does.

Keep it up brother in Christ..... good things are ahead.

God Bless.

The Schauble Family said...

I also emphasize with you. We sold our home in 2006 and had 3 contracts fall through (one of them being on the morning of closing). But it did sell finally and it will happen for you. We were so desperate as we had moved out already that I almost resorted to burying a saints figurine in my yard. But it didn't make it that far. I pray for it to happen soon. I pray for your family often as I track your blog and Angie's blogs. God Bless. May God's grace, mercy and peace be with you during the impending sale, holidays and move

rthling said...

You have such a great attitude! I would be so annoyed.

Deryle said...

Greg....remember the old barn that was leanin' a bit?..awhile back. Great to see you not stressin' out.
...also it will be great to see Summer and you guys on Wednesday. Weather looks good, too! The toys are out and things are setup.
Love you... Grampy Sponberg

noahandlylasmommi said...

What a bummer. But it was for the best I am sure. I will be praying for guidance for you and Nicol during this time.

Lee said...

Awe. I am sorry it didn't work out. It WILL though, eventually. God is in it so it has to!

My husband pre-ordered his ESV Study Bible and it came about 2 weeks ago. It actually came before the release date! Anyway, he loves it. He had been using his NIV Study for ... er.... studying, but at church he was using his standard ESV. He loves the ESV and had been saying FOREVER that he wished a study version would come out. Wow, that was a rambling sentence!
Keep your chin(s) up....He is in control and makes ALL things new!
Prayerfully yours,
A sister in Illinois

Anonymous said...

God already knows how He´s going to take care of the house... a comforting thought indeed.
I´ll continue to pray.

Mattam said...

We've been in your situation not too long ago! God will bring the right buyer just as he will give you and Nicole a perfect home for your family! I am continuing to pray for you.

Anonymous said...


Remember that house Scott and I tried to buy on the Cape? We went to closing three times and the seller never showed up. Later, after we had moved back to Maine (which we may not have done had we owned that house), we learned that ammunition and other things from Otis AFB had been buried in that area (and most likely on that property). And, the contamination in the underground water supply was in that area, too. Now, looking back, we can see God's hand in that extremely frustrating experience. Your house will sell to the right people at the right price at the right time.

Can't wait to see you, Nicol and Summer!


Hope Wilson said...

Oh, you know Satan is hating your attitude about this sitution! Proud of you for putting this in perspective - GOD is in control & in His timing you will have your answers! Stay strong & keep the faith...

Amanda said...

ESV is my favorite version too.
Sorry to hear about the house. I will keep praying for you guys & that the house gets sold soon.

Laura said...

I am so sorry the house deal fell through.

KK said...

So sorry the house deal fell through but prayerfully the right person will come along soon. As we well know, it will sell in HIS time.
Thanks for sharing the wonderful music with your readers.
I continue praying for your family without ceasing,
Matthew 21:22

Kristy said...

So sorry to hear about the deal falling through, but happy to hear you are trusting God to take care of this situation. Thanks for your comments about the ESV study bible. I have been hearing alot about it, and have been wanting to check it out. Praying for your family.

Julie doody said...

Knowing that GOD is in control is a wonderful feeling! So glad that you are not stressing and letting God handle the situation! I hope that you have a GREAT visit while you are home. Maybe I will bump into you. Take care and enjoy your family!

Love in Christ, Julie Doody

Anonymous said...

Not that I am "stalking" you or anything but I am starting to worry that you have not posted. I keep you in prayer and hope that all is well. We had a house (two actually) that took time to sell. One had three contracts and the offers actually went up each time (covered the expense of owning it longer, not more profit for us) but GOD PROVIDED and a nice family lives in both houses now. Hang in there. Jennifer in NC