Saturday, April 11, 2009


M286 = Matthew 28:6 = HE IS RISEN!!!

We are still in SoCal and have had a great week... in San Diego this weekend... Nicol sang at Maranatha Chapel last night and this morning... definitely a church to check out if you live here or just happen to be in the area... this is the fourth or fifth time we've been to MC in the past several years and it's always a treat to be here... the people are amazing and San Diego, well, it's pretty amazing too.

Wanted to share these videos with you from Nicol's soundcheck yesterday afternoon... 

And just for fun, here's Summer trying to get the elephants' attention at the San Diego Wild Animal Park... also a phenomenal place!


Blameless said...

Wow. Nicol's voice always brings tears to my eyes...the power and gift God has blessed her with is incredible!

Sounds like Summer has quite the set of lungs as well. Could singing be in her future too? Beautiful family! Nicol is glowing.


chili pepper said...

He has risen indeed!

I am glad you are enjoying San Diego. It has been 8 years ago this month since we first went and took our 3 oldest (only at the time). It seems like much has happened since. But I still have some of the fondest memories of my life from the two weeks we spent there. Make sure you check out pretty. CP

Jennifer said...

I really loved listening to and watching the sound check. What a beautiful picture of an intimate moment in your life.

And man...Nicol is no product of the studio. That girl can really sing! I hope she comes back to the Dallas area next Christmas. I know she's come a couple of times and I've never been able to make it out, but I would really like to next time she's here.

Kristy said...

Love the videos. That second song is so moving and emotional - so beautiful.

Okay, just have to say, as a mom, Summer leaning over that handrail was making me so nervous! LOL!

Hope your family had a happy, blessed Easter.

Skerry said...

I loved listening to Nicol sing. Nothing better than a Momma singing about Jesus with her sweet girl on her hip. I continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers

Kacie said...

Nicol rocks. I just love her voice, and it's so fun to see Summer just chillin on mom's hip while Nicol warms up.

Beautiful. :)

Wendy said...

Hi Guys
Hope you had a great Easter.
Alex just finished watching Summer yelling to the elephants.
Alex said, "Oh yeah, that is def. my cousin." I think @ 12 he realizes we are all VERY loud!
Love ya,

Julie D. said...

Hearing Nicol sing Resurrection on Easter must have been AMAZING! I LOVE hearing her sing!! Very nice behind the scenes video. Loved watching Summer "watch" her mommy on the monitor, so priceless!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Glad to see that Nicol is feeling well!

Take care!! Love in Christ, Julie D.

Dressed-Up Dots said...

Those are wonderful, Greg...thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing Nicole sing - "sitting in" on soundcheck makes me feel like part of the family! I think my favorite is when Summer's watching Mama and dancing around. Reminds me of Miss Maegan (will be 2 in May)....she also says everything is named "MaeMae", just like the elephant's name was "Summer"! Blessings to all...MR

Rob and Amy said...

Wow. Those videos are soooo precious. So wonderful. I loved watching Summer wave around the Kleenex as Nicol sang. It was so moving....

Lisa-Cinti,Ohio said...

I just recently heard this song Resurrection- 2 weeks ago I bought Nicol's CD and it was on there. God works some mysterious ways, I was having an incredibly hard time, and I had actually picked up a different CD, but as I walked out, I found the one with this song on it and I just switched CD's-not knowing at the time about any of her songs on that CD. I have cried through this song for 2 weeks, it describes everything that was in my mind that day and it reinforced what I was being told by a friend/counselor/mentor who is helping me- that God is the only one who can help me through this-raise this empty shell and make me whole again. I have to say here for the past year I have been discussing with this friend the possibility of me getting baptized again-I understand I do not need to in God's eyes- but it was 18 years ago I was baptized and I did not truly understand it, I did not live a life to honor Christ and I have grown so much in the last year with the help of an amazing friend who took me under her wing to help me with life issues and to teach me about God- something I had been missing for the majority of my life. We have talked at length about a lot of things and I have finally decided that this is what I feel I need to do for me- to re-dedicate my life to Christ, to start new in my walk- okay maybe not new but start walking toward Him and not run away from Him. This song- helped me secure my decision to do this--he will raise this empty shell and make me whole again---my heart is cold and lifeless and He alone brings me a smile and makes me feel something and I hear this song and I visualize my friend baptizing me and this time I understand what it means and what I mean to Him and what He means to me. In this time of my life when I am struggling to find any type of happiness this visual is what I am holding onto!

Sorry its so long, but I had to share how this song your wife sings with so much conviction has impacted my life. I am so happy for you both with the upcoming baby!

Thank you, and please tell your wife thank you.