Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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We are in SoCal for the week...  

Here's a pic of Summer, taken on Sunday (Apr 5) at the Crystal Cathedral. Nicol was singing there and Summer just HAD to have her make-up done like Mommy. Debbie, CC's make-up artist for the past 27 years, was kind enough to take the time to put a little lipgloss on her. She thought she was pretty big stuff! :-)

We had a great experience at CC. The people there are fantastic... everyone we met and spent time with was incredibly welcoming, humble, helpful and accommodating. Nicol and I did a brief interview with Dr. Schuller and then she sang "Resurrection." If you happen to catch the service on TV or the web, you will see Summer make a couple of grand entrances onto the stage... I'll leave it at that and let you see for yourself... she was pretty cute.

We spent yesterday (Monday) at DisneyLand and it was a lot of fun to see Summer there. We took her the last time we were out here, in October 2007, but she was probably too young at the time to really enjoy it (I think it was probably more fun for us) and she was certainly not old enough to remember anything about it. I got a bunch of pics and videos this time and will post some here when I get them downloaded.

More later...

By the way, Nicol is feeling good... not sure if I've already asked for this, but one of the things we have been praying for is a pregnancy that does not include severe nausea... with Summer and Luke she was sick 24/7 until about 18 weeks... ugh.

Thank you for praying. 


Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Um okay

First THANK YOU for my Summer fix. It was much needed today after the post I posted today.

Second... WOW, how did I miss the pregnancy news? I guess during my "break" from blogging world.

Wow!!! Congratulations and what a BEAUTIFUL and impeccable timing. Amen.

I am so so so thrilled for you both. I know it will be a journey of some very hard and mixed emotions....but I will pray not only for a smooth pregnancy, but that through the tears of saddness, you will have many tears of joy for a new beautiful baby.

God Bless you all.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Welcome to So. Cal you guys. I am so glad the weather is showing off for you too. We live down on the coast about an hour away from Disneyland. I am so glad to read that Nicol is feeling good with this pregnancy. Enjoy your stay here and don't be surprised if the weather changes on you. We are unpredictable and take it as it comes.

Love and hugs, Laurie

Melody said...

How awesome! I'll be looking forward to that "Hour of Power". ;)

I live in SoCal- is Nicol going to be performing anywhere else while you're here? I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy your trip!!

daniella said...

And that's what dreams are made of. Your little woman is too cute for words.

Glad to hear Nicol is doing well!!!

Jennifer said...

Greg & Nicol~

Congratulations! I will be praying for your unborn baby and that Nicol will not be nauseated that much.

I know you all must be excited...I know that no one will ever take Luke's place, yet it brings me joy to see God pouring out His blessings.

Continuing to pray for you all as you grieve. Thanking God for our risen Savior. Have a blessed Easter!


Channe said...

Summer's so cute... We'll continue to pray for no nausea

Paige said...

Summer looks precious and I can't wait to see the pictures from Disney!!!!

Be safe coming home and we will look forward to "seeing" all about the trip! :)

Kristi J said...

Summer looks adorable! I love that she was able to get a touch of lip gloss like a big girl!

I'm sure Nicol was amazing..I'll have to look on the web to see if I can find the performance. And Disneyland...fun!!

As for the nausea, I hope it eases up a bit for Nicol. I'm one of those that suffers from severe nausea while pregnant for almost the entire pregnancy so I completely relate. I also try to look at is as a blessing in disguise; I would probably start getting worried if I didn't have any symptoms! Especially if they suddenly disappeared...eeck! I'm just so happy for you guys!

Anna said...

You have a very precious little girl! And I will be praying for no nausea, but one thing that helped me that a friend told me when I was awfully nauseous with my babies is that it does show that things are most likely progressing well. Nausea is the body's reaction to the preggo hormones which means you have plenty of the hormones and a healthy pregnancy. Sometimes you gotta go for the bright side of things! LOL.

Anonymous said...

so glad you got to have a relaxing Vaca...well I hope it was relaxing...will be praying for a wonderful preg...Summer as always adorable, she looks so grown up getting her make-up on...So Sweet! Blessing Shi~

LSM said...

I would love to see the episode of Nicol singing at CC, when will it air or do you have a link? I love her muic and I pray for your family daily!!

Anonymous said...

I found your Blog through Angie Smith's blog. My daughter Claudia Raquel died of SIDS after living 5 weeks with us (02/16/96-03/22/96). She died in my arms, I have read over your blog and I have to tell you that I have been told so many hurtful things over the years. The devil really likes to use those words to take away from all the other kind & loving words. This year was very hard on me, because she would have been 13 (a huge age for a girl) I want you to know your whole family is in my prayers. I know the pain and it is still so real today that I will lay and weep over her lost. God is good if you or your wife would ever like to email me please do so. I am a christian also and the peace of knowing I will see her one day has really helped me over the years. I would listen, pray & I have already cried with you through the blog.
May God give you peace through it all and my dad always told me that God is a big enough God to handle it when we are angry and I am so thankful for that.

Anonymous said...

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