Tuesday, July 7, 2009

House Update

We've had 3 showings since Friday, which is great considering it's the first activity we've had in about 6 weeks. The couple who saw it on Friday liked it but probably aren't interested enough to make an offer. Then, two couples saw it on Sunday... the first was scheduled, the second "just happened" to be in the neighborhood. Long story short, the couple who were not scheduled to see it liked it enough to go to the bank yesterday to get the loan approval process rolling. As of early this afternoon they had not heard back from the bank... I'm told these things take longer now than they did even 6 months ago.

We are expecting to know something tomorrow. An open house is scheduled for this Sunday, but we are so hoping there won't be a need to have it.

We are cautiously optimistic tonight.

Keep praying if you think of it!

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KK said...

Greg and Nicol, Praying for this couple to be the buyers we've prayed for all of these months.
Blessings to your precious family,
Matthew 21:22