Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Stone at Shechem

(From Joshua 24)

God's faithful kindness...
He kept every promise He made to Abraham.
He delivered His people from slavery in Egypt.
He rescued them.
He destroyed their enemies.
He went out ahead of them.
He gave them victory.
He prepared a land for them.
He gave them that land.

Joshua's charge...
Obey, serve and worship God
Have spiritual integrity
Be loyal to God
Leave the gods that your ancestors worshiped

The peoples' response...
We will not worship those gods!
We will NEVER abandon the LORD!
How could we? Look at everything He's done for us!

Joshua's warning...
You WILL forget and you WILL turn away from the LORD, despite ALL He has done for you.

The peoples' declaration...
No way, we WILL serve and obey God!

The Stone at Shechem...
Is a reminder of Israel's allegiances sworn to God; it is a witness against them if turn from God and serve other gods.

= = = = = = =
Some things never change... God is faithful and we struggle.

Great intentions tend to get lost in the shuffle of life... We are committed to God yet we inevitably deny Him in one way or another.

We too need a Stone at Shechem...

O to Grace how great a debtor
Daily I'm constrained to be
Let Thy goodness, like a fetter
Bind my wandering heart to Thee
(Come Thou Fount)


Anonymous said...

Thank you! That was a great summary of one of my favorite books of the Bible. It was totally God's timing for me to read that also. I have been struggling with how to keep myself and my family from forgetting God's faithfulness and wisdom. As you said, it is so hard when the busyness of life takes over. Yesterday we made the leap to put the TV in the garage of a month. We've been feeling like it is robbing us from so much growth in our relationship with God and eachother. Your post inspired me and reminded me that we can do it and that yes the tv takes way more than it gives. We need to take this time to focus on God's faithfulness and not deny him with our time. Thank you.

Lisa-Cinti,Ohio said...

I was just urged to read Joshua 1-6 last night for some things I am going through. Thank you for this post! I am about to jump into my own flooded Jordan with waters raging. I keep asking Are you sure? I keep hearing YES, I am i just need to jump!

The Morris Family said...

maybe our "stones of reminders" could be our little boys in heaven, reminding us of His faithfulness, his comforts, His Sovereign plans, they are our "little forget me nots." I know with Joel being there, I think of eternity more!!


Kristy said...

I agree. We SO do need a stone at Shechem...