Friday, October 17, 2008


Thank you so much to everyone who voted on Nicol's songs! Be watching for "Round 2" on her myspace player. I just (on Friday @ 3:00pm) re-posted How Deep the Father's Love for Us (so that you can FINALLY hear it!), and I also posted 3 other songs - Blessed Be Your Name, My Father the King, and Holy (Reprise). You may have to wait on the songs to show up, so just keep checking back. Please feel free to let us know what you think of them. They will be saved for a future recording, but I thought you might enjoy listening to them just the same.

Vote results...
[ There were 207 voters ]

1. Knowing You [ 125 votes / 60% ]
2. We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory [ 101 votes / 48% ]
3. Holy / How Great Is Our God [ 96 votes / 46% ]
4. My Help [ 78 votes / 37% ]
5. I Will Offer Up My Life [ 74 votes / 35% ]
6. How Deep the Father's Love for Us [ 71 votes / 34% ]

What's next...
Good question! As I told you last week, there will be 10-11 songs on the project and 8 are already "locks." That said, Nicol's favorite of the ones you voted on is My Help, so we're hoping it will be there. My guess at this point is that the final 1 or 2 songs will be between Knowing You, We Will Worship..., and Holy / How Great..., and I'm sure that How Deep the Father's Love for Us has an outside shot as well, so please let us know your thoughts once you listen to it. The final decision, though, will not be Nicol's. We will definitely keep you posted.

Thanks again for your help! Your feedback has been very encouraging!


Nodaknitter said...

YESSSSSS!!! Because "My Help" was my favorite too. Nicol and I should go shopping. :)

Anonymous said...


I haven't told you which ones I voted for. Without hearing Nicol's version of How Deep the Father's Love, I chose We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory, I Will Offer Up My Life and My Help. I have to tell you that My Help was a "no-brainer" for me. When we released the 71 blue balloons at Luke's commital service that Psalm came to my mind immediately because they all floated together toward the hills behind us. And then that one white balloon went straight up by itself just seconds later. I am still amazed by God's lovingkindness toward us in the little things he orchestrated that day. I would like to know how much in advance of that day He set the right weather patterns in motion so that those two things would happen - one right on the heels of the other. Anyway, I hope My Help makes the final cut.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Greg and Nicol, I LOVE My Help. I know it did not get too many votes but it SPOKE to me as a song has not in a while. It is one of my favorite psalms and now living at the beach I have to visualize the mountains and hills. Please strongly consider this song! It has message and impact! Thanks for letting us vote and listen in! Praying for you all. Jennifer