Monday, October 6, 2008

Update : 10608

The open house...

Nicol spoke with our realtor, Suzanne, this morning. She [Suzanne] was pleased and encouraged by the turnout and responses yesterday. Six couples saw the house and three are interested! No offers at this point, but Suzanne is going to follow up with them this week. So we're pretty excited and thankful about that!

My prayer remains that we see fruit from the decisions we've made, in this case the sale of our house. We know that if God wants us to move He will provide a buyer... and that is the "fruit" I'm talking about... the confirmation of His blessing and His ordering of our steps.

I'm also praying for patience and that we will trust Him for what is best.

He won't be wrong and we believe that.


"Barney has a big, big butt. He needs to wear PULL-UPS." [ I wonder what size PULL-UP he would need? Summer wears size 4, so I'm guessing Barney would be about a 104... not sure if the Big & Tall department keeps those in stock or not. ]

[ Nicol and I were having a 'conversation' Saturday morning... ok, ok, we were 'talking' thru a 'disagreement' we had on Friday... ok, ok, so we were having an argument... and apparently Summer thought we needed to give each other a break because she said, and you might have already guessed it if you've been keeping up with her comments, ] "May grace and peace in abundance." [ Funny, but we got over the disagreement when we heard that! God has such a sense of humor! ]


The Rhoderick Family said...

Children sure have a way of letting us know when enough is enough don't they? Sometimes when we don't even realize they are listening! :) Funny stuff. Barney in a pull up was a cute mental image as well. Thanks for that!

Ashley Beth said...

So happy to hear that the open house went well, ya'll were high on my list of prayers this weekend (and still are)! I'll continue to pray for God's provision in your lives in so many ways. Blessings...

Angie said...

So glad to hear the open house went well.

Matt and Cristin said...

We are believing God with you for the sale of your house! He is SO AWESOME and amazing in His timing. We moved into a house at the beginning of the year that had been on the market for about two years....A couple of months later we found out we were pregnant and our hearts ached at the thought of being away from family (we were in Washington and all family was in Arizona). Over the course of several months we prayed and really felt like we should move to AZ (due to my husband's job opportunity and family being there, etc.) At first, in the flesh, it was nerve-racking thinking about putting the house back on the market because of it's past experience of two years. We really felt like God would provide a way and knew that He would take care of it.... The day finally came when a family came to see the house....and then another family...and then..... :) the first family put an offer on it, the offer was accepted and sold! A lot of people around us were doubting and negative...but we stayed confident and seriously felt like everything would work out perfectly.
This may not sound like much...but in the flesh, it looked impossible. We just believed and acted like it was no big deal...and planned for what we believed God had told us. It worked out perfectly and our move was smooth...we were blessed with our life group to help load the truck and provide 'moving food'.
God is SO good and I can't wait to read the post of your house being sold!! :)

Julie Doody said...

So glad to hear the open house went well. Will continue to keep this in my prayers!

It is so funny how God uses our children to keep us in check! I guarantee this will not be the last time that Summer will set her parents straight! Very funny!

Keep up the Summer stories! I love them!

Take care! Love, Julie

Maggy said...

Dear Brother in Christ I want it to let yuo know my prayers are not stoping for your family,God is providing so much love for a family that I dont know in person but we share the blood of Jesus Christ,so he can call us HIS children.
Let your wife I am praying for her.
Thanks for sharing specific prayers.
Please also I am trying to share with everyone I know this blog from a missinary couple from Ecuador, they need the prayers from other brothers and sisters in Christ it concerns their 4 year old daughter.
I hope I am not doing something bad sharing or asking you to pray for them when you have your own prayers to deal with.
Please forgive me is that is the case, and it is not sensitive towards you.
But sometimes for me it is easier to pray for other then for myself when I am strugling with my own problems.
Love and Peace from our Savior Jesus.


sheila said...

Happy to hear about the open house. All you need is one serious buyer. Keeping you in prayers. I love the fact that Summer is already quoting scripture, great parenting, lol. In God's Love, sheila

Alice said...

I have been praying regarding the sale of your house, especially this past weekend.

Sometimes when my husband and I have our "conversations," our daughter comes up and sings, "Do everything without complaining, do everything without arguing..." (from Steve Green's 'Hide 'em in your Heart' album).

Yeah, we usually feel pretty bad when our 2 1/2 year-old has to bring the smackdown from the Lord...