Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Varsity Ain't Five Guys

We are on the road this weekend... Nicol is singing at a women's retreat... and I'll be trying to keep the details together (for our part of the weekend at least).

Our travels today took us thru downtown Atlanta, so we stopped at the famed "The Varsity" for burgers. It was our first visit. In case you have never been and you're in ATL sometime, it's located just off the I-75/85 exit for Georgia Tech (and I think they have several other locations as well). I would recommend going just for the experience alone... it's a pretty cool place... I think a sign there said they've been in business for 80 years... that's very impressive, but more so than that, according to a brochure Nicol read, they use/make 1 ton of onions, 2500 pounds of potatoes, 5000 fried pies, and 300 gallons of chili EVERY DAY! 

We had heard about it from a lot of different people and had passed by it several times but just hadn't ever taken the time to stop. My impression? While it was fun to go there, let me just put it this way... it ain't Five Guys... and I'll leave it at that... but we did enjoy ourselves.

If you think of it, pray that this weekend would go well and also for an event that we have coming up on Monday and Tuesday. Along with Todd and Angie (Smith), the four of us will be sharing our stories of losing Luke and Audrey. We're looking forward to it (in a weird sort of way I guess) but it will be difficult too. Brokenness and Redemption (the story of this journey) will be the themes for the two nights.


Kate's Mommy said...

will be praying for your family and Angie and Todd. I am grateful that both of your families have shared this long and tough journey and shown the world our faithful Savior. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer said...

I love The Varsity for the hot dogs. I don't even think I knew they served burgers.

Ang said...

We have a five guys down the road from our neighborhood. We love it. Of course Matt really loves the Buffalo Wild Wings that is in the same plaza. But Five Guys Rock!

kellyw said...

I guess it is all in what you grow up with, so I choose The Varsity. I grew up outside of Athens, GA (go dawgs!) and going to the Varsity once a month was a treat that I will hold fondly in my memories of my childhood. My greatest memory is of being there one Saturday with our preacher. He was a loud and boisterous man. I was so hoping that my daddy would pray over our meal - you know, a teenage girl in a college town doesn't want to be embarrassed! We sat down in one of the side rooms and Preacher walked up to the table with his food, placed his tray down and said as loudly as he possibly could, "Let us pray". At this point, I think I slid down in my chair so as not to be recognized. There was deafening silence in the room as Preacher prayed for what seemed like forever at the top of his lungs. And when he finished with a yell "Amen" - the room erupted in applause. The boldness of a man - unashamed and unimpressed with college students - taught me a powerful lesson that day. NEVER to be ashamed of declaring my faith. I sat up rpoudly and ate lunch with the man that had just boldly proclaimed his faith to a room of unsuspecting college students. Simply for the memories and lesson learned, I would have to choose The Varsity over Five Guys.

I enjoy your blog and pray for your family daily. (first time I have posted a comment - but the memory came flooding back and I just had to share.)

sheila said...

I'll be praying and asking God to give you the strength and words. We are planning a trip to GA next week; hey maybe I can get my husband to stop at 'The Varsity', we'll be near Savannah, hopefully for some rest. Where are you guys speaking at? In God's Love, sheila

KK said...

Praying for your family without ceasing. Travel safe and have a wonderfully blessed weekend,
Psalm 46:10
Matthew 21:22

Paige said...

I will be praying for you! I am thankful that you and Nicol have someone so close to you in Todd and Angie to share the emotions that come with losing a child...the emotions that not everyone can relate to.

Please give Nicol a hug from me...and tell her I am praying.

Georgia Tarheel

Angela said...

Never been to either place. I'll just have to imagine that Winnie's has them both beat hands down! The Varsity was one of the places on our list of "to do's" when we were down last April. Ended up not having enough time to fit it all in! I am SOOO glad for that trip and the time we had with Lukey. Praying for you over the next few days.

Love you!

P.S. Tell Summer the girls think the toy she got at Cracker Barrel looks like fun!

Kathleen said...

While we like Five Guy's Burgers we would always choose the Varsity. It was a part of my husband's childhood and his memories of his mom who is now gone and then his college experience at Georgia Tech.

The difference between Five Guys and the Varsity is that the Varsity is an experience, Five Guys is good food. From the moment you step into the crowds and here the "What'll you have, what'll you have" till the last sip of your F.O (frosted orange) you are in an experience. So it isn't Five Guys but I'm glad it isn't!

Anonymous said...

Will your travels bring you through Chicago at anytime? If so, please let me know! I miss you and keep you in my prayers often and am especially praying for you all this Monday and Tuesday.

Neighbor Steff :)

Ashly said...

I live in Atlanta and would love to hear you guys speak if you are close by. I just lost my son at 39 weeks in September. Please email me and let me know the location if it is around the ATL. Thanks!