Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Little Man

Here are some of the very first pictures I took of our little man, Gregory Luke Sponberg, on the evening of March 17, 2008.
*  *  *  *  *

Lukey, just minutes after delivery... actually, at this point we knew his first name was Gregory but we didn't decide on 'Luke' until about two hours later (incidentally, we chose Luke because of it's meaning - 'one who brings light'... hence, 'light your world')... anyway, I remember thinking 'hurry up already and get some clothes on him, it's freezing in here!'... of course, the nurse probably could have finished her job sooner if I would have stopped interrupting her with all sorts of questions... I can also remember walking back and forth, making several trips between Luke and Nicol, seeing if he was okay and checking on her as she went thru all the normal post-op stuff related to the c-section... she wanted me to stay with him so that he wouldn't feel alone, so that he'd have a familiar voice nearby... she was SOOOOO brave that night, more beautiful than ever, and totally thrilled with the arrival of our son. 

One of my favorite pictures of Luke... so peaceful... such a gift... truly a sacred moment. 

Big sister and baby brother... she was so cute with him from the get-go... wanted to hold him all the time in those early hours after his birth... and as you can see, he didn't mind! 

*  *  *  *  *

We miss our little man so much, 
we have missed out on many beautiful moments and milestones over the past 10 months, 
we will miss out on countless more as the days and weeks and years go by,
we have learned things about ourselves and others and life and God not otherwise possible. 
We remember him today,
we celebrate his 71 days with us,
we should be having his first birthday party,
we will visit his grave instead.
This feels so wrong,
this is not what we ever envisioned or planned for,
this is unimaginable heretofore, 
this is why we are grieving with hope.

*  *  *  *  *

We would love to read stories about how Luke's beautiful life has impacted you... if you knew him in any way, or even if you only know of him thru this blog or because someone told you about him, please share with us how he has touched you or someone else that you may know.


Kate's Mommy said...

praying for you and Nicol and Summer. My heart is burdened for you and I pray for all of you often. I pray you feel God so evidently today as you walk this road.

Jo Barnhill said...

We did not know Luke in person but know him through both of you. Chris and I wish we could take the pain of today away but we pray that your memories are vivid today and everyday here after. Our joy is in the promise of the forever time we will spend with our precious boys in the kingdom. Thank you for sharing Luke's story with all of us. God Bless

Shelly said...

I remember hearing about Luke through Angie's blog. He was a beautiful baby and I was so sad to hear about his passing. My neice Amber died from SIDS at 4weeks of age on July 5th, 1987. It still hurts today but I rest in the comfort that she is with Jesus and Luke. Thank you for sharing his life with so many strangers. I will say a prayer of blessing for you, Nicole, and beautiful Summer. God bless you all. Love and prayers.
Shelly Metcalf

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!!!
May you reign up in heaven on this special day......
Greg and Nicole....I wish to tell you both that your story has inspired me to cherish each moment with my children. I pray for the whole sponberg family everyday and sincerely hope this day will be filled with joy and rememberence of your "Lukey". God Bless you both.

polly's path said...

I have followed your journey from the beginning(per Angie)and although your loss is unimaginable, I can guarantee you it has impacted more people than you will ever know, for God's Glory.
As for me, I hug my girl ever so tight.
I am humbly thankful for all the things I get to do with her, realizing there are so many parents out there (as or more deserving than me) who don't get that chance.
I have also been tremendously influenced by your devotionals.

Lifting you and your family in prayer today. Even though we know he is celebrating with his Eternal dad in Heaven, we also know that Luke's earthly dad is missing him here on Earth.

Jennifer said...

Greg and Nicol~

I follow your blog and keep my husband updated on your posts. I am so thankful for the blogging world as you both have been such an encouragement to me. I am praying for you both, especially today as I know the one year birthday mark is extremely difficult. God has allowed Luke to touch so many people's lives. I know that doesn't take the hurt away. Our son, Kyler, would have been turning 5 on the 22nd. It's still painful. We wouldn't be who we are today had we not walked down this road. Our son, Karsten wouldn't be who he is. God has used Kyler to change us forever so that He would be glorified. God has given us a compassion for people that we didn't have before. Jesus loves you all and we pray that you will continue to cling to the God of all comfort and the Prince of Peace. Luke has such amazing parents! Thank you for opening your heart and sharing God's story of your life.

In Christ alone,

Anonymous said...

"Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul."
And, the precious memories are lingering with all of you today, as you remember Luke's birthday and go on to the day he met Jesus.

We did not have the privilege of meeting "Lukey," but we have been more than touched by the pictures and the writings you have displayed on your site and by the service held in Presque Isle in November. Thank you for sharing.

Blessings, strength and peace today to all of you, as you stand together at his grave.

Anonymous said...

Greg and Nicol, all the times I have read your blog and prayed for you I never knew Luke's birthday, just that he was born in March. Well, today is my youngest daughter's birthday. I will pray more for you today since I know that it is also Luke's special day. I had a c-section as well. My special connection to this day is that MY grandfather (my daughter's great grandfather) also had a St. Patrick's birthday! He would be 108 but he died in 2000. I am praying for you as a family and as witnesses for God's glory and greatness. Thanks for sharing your life and your story of God's faithfulness with us all. Jennifer in Southeast, NC

King J's Queen said...

Thank you for your open-hearted sharing of grief and hope these past months. I am grateful for the opportunity to see an example of a family continuing to live by faith during very dark times.

I just love the pictures you have posted of him. His happy personality shines through them. Oh, how you must miss him.

Little Luke's life and death have allowed God to work in many lives. We continue to pray with you for comfort and peace.

The Thornton Family said...

Praying for your family today.....

Stacey in Missippi

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet baby, Luke, happy first birthday, Little Man!
I am thinking about and praying for your family on this day, as they celebrate your life and mourn your absence.
I pray that your Mom & Dad will be filled with grace and peace, and the presence of our God will be truly evident.
Luke, your 71 days on this earth have left an imprint on my heart forever, God is continuing to use you to strengthen my relationship with him. What a blessing to me!

with love and hugs from Michigan,


Casey Chappell said...

Luke has definitely impacted my world. You see he is beholding the face of God along side my son who we lost at birth in August. Your words have really helped me grieve and also to understand my husband more in the whole grief process. Thank you for being faithful and vulnerable to share your son's life with the world. Luke's life is having an impact on so many and though I know you like I would trade all that for our sons to be with us now, I know we do place our faith and trust in One who made that decision for us and has perfected our children and being the light of their world!

Julie D. said...

Those are such beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.

As I sit here with tears streaming down my face, I can't even imagine what you have gone through and will continue to go through. I can remember hearing of the tragedy just six days after Maria Chapman went to be with the Lord....but this was different. I know you, I know what wonderful people you are, I remember going to school with you and fond memories of happy times shared in a small town... how could this happen to someone I knew, someone who has amazing family that was so thrilled by the birth of their first I still don't have the answers to these questions. But through this blog I have seen the thousands of lives that you have touched because of Luke. What a precious baby he was! What a gift! What an angel!

At times I have felt almost guilty that I have two beautiful, healthy daughters....why? Olivia just celebrated her 14th birthday on the 14th... I remember her birthday being so close to Luke's. Your words in this blog have blessed me beyond measure! Thank you!! Thank you for sharing! I know that it was not could it be! I don't think there have been very many days since May 27 that I haven't thought of you and your family in some way, shape or form.

All we can do is look to the Savior for his help and guidance no matter what we are going through. Doesn't mean it will be easier, but he provides Grace and Peace beyond our wildest dreams! Thank you so much!

May God give you Grace and Peace on this very difficult day!!

Love in Christ, Julie Doody ;-)

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Happy Birthday Baby Luke..... we all miss you here.

Please ask Jesus to send a special hug to your mommy and daddy, so they can hold on to another day with out you. Big sister needs their work isn't done here on earth just yet.

Happy dancing today... REJOICE for today is the day God has made, lets us rejoice and be glad in it.

That verse is a hard one for mommy and daddy today, so help them have peace and understanding.


Stay strong my christian brother.... time will not always heal all pains, but it will cushion and soften a little more each day.

Today is a really hard day and the thought breaks my heart. It just doesn't seem real. It just doesn't make sense. All I know as a parent, that it hurts, it hurts really bad, sometimes feels unbareable. The heart has been taken from your chest.

But you have already come so far, and are such a different person now. A person of wisdom, strength and honor to our GOD. He will prosper you in ways you will never be able to imagine. Hold on to that today..... smile, and rejoice that you were chosen and given 71 BEAUTIFUL AMAZING DAYS with Gods angel. He loaned him to you for 71 days. WOW!!!

Praying for your family today...and always.

I can't believe its been 10 months already, that hurts because its all going by so fast. But I take it as being just another day closer until you hold him again.

God Bless.

Scuba Girl said...

My friend came home with her triplets to find that her husband had passed away due to a virus. What have I learned from her & your blog? Live for the moment - you never know when God will call you home. You did that with Luke.

Courtney said...

Praying for your peace and comfort today. My husband and I 'celebrated' our daughter's first birthday, without her, on January 26th, and it was such a heartbreaking day. She only made it to 32 weeks before she was born sleeping. It's painful to think of all we have missed, but reassuring to know that Jesus and the angels are taking care of her and her little sister.

Of course I didn't know little Luke personally, but I was always amazed at what a handsome little baby he was. I'm thankful for you sharing your life with him and your stories about him. I pray God brings you peace and comfort today, and always..Maybe my little Hallie & Ava are helping him celebrate today. :)

Love & Prayers..

Carrie said...

May God hold you close in his arms today. Our thoughts are with you.

Laura said...

Greg & Nicol - my heart is heavy and my eyes wet with your sorrowful loss. There are no words that can ease your pain and no pondering on the reasons for Luke's speedy departure from this world. Gone all too soon for those who are left behind. Luke was such a beautiful child. He, and my friends' angel Kyle, have taught me to cherish each day, because everything can change in a second and each day could be your last. The dishes can wait when there is a puzzle to be done. Dance and sing like no one is watching. And shower your family with love - so that when they look back on their childhood, only fond memories fill their mind.

Happy 1st birthday Lukie - have a wonderful celebration in Heaven. Be near your family as they try their best to bear the pain of your loss.

Blameless said...

Happy First Birthday Luke!

I heard about you the first time when your Aunt Angie wrote about you on her blog. I could hear the love that everyone has for you in her words, and I rejoiced at the light you brought into their lives.

The news of your sudden trip home to Heaven was shocking, even though I only knew about you through someone else's experience. My heart broke for the pain that your Mommy and Daddy were going through, and the emptiness they would continue to feel as they count the days until they can hold you again.

Your life was and still is powerful, just as Jesus intended it to be. When I see pictures of your handsome smile, I see the amazing purpose you were created for. You continue to teach me that love is about letting go...and trusting that God's plan is bigger than you and bigger than me.

Big Hugs to you and Nicole and Summer. May you feel God's peace today and always. Thank you for sharing Lukey with strangers.


Anonymous said...

The hope you have given to a hurting world has come at such immeasurable sacrifice and pain for you and Nicol. You share that experience with our great God Himself. May your entire family experience His profound presence and comfort in this day.

I have been enriched by your honest, yet encouraging, writing . . . and I thank you for it.

Joan in SC

Paige said...

Greg and Nicol-

Luke touched my life only after he went to be with his Heavenly Father. But he blessed me.

I was able to minister to his family in the way of food! I was able to come to know and now love his mom and dad and sister as well as his aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. It was an honor for me to see how the strength of the Lord held up a broken family. It was an honor for me to see how strong a family of believers can be when rallying around one of their own. It broke my heart that it had to be over Luke's death.

I have shared this with you before but I will share it again today to honor Luke. My husband had decided while I was away on Spring Break last year to rennovate our kitchen. He promised me that it would be finished in two weeks (which would be the beginning of May). It was not finished by the first of May nor was it finished by the end of May. I was a little upset with him, to say the least. What I would discover at the end of May was that God had plans in place in which He needed my kitchen to be torn up.
The sweet man helping my husband with our kitchen was not a Christian. He worked every night helping and was there the night that the call came..."Can you get a meal together for the Sponbergs? Enough to feed about 50-60 people?" OH MY! "Sure" was my response and then I had no idea how I would pull it off. It was already 9pm and I did not feel I could call anyone to help me that late, so I turned to look at my husband and our friend. He looked right at me, told me what to go get at the grocery store and cooked it for me on his Big Green Egg all night long.

So a kitchen project I did NOT want, that lasted WAY longer than it was supposed, was an answer to prayer I did not know I would have that was answered by a man who did not know Christ! The fact that God would plan all of that out so far in advance was a huge reminder to me of how He cares about the little things!
ANd how He uses all things to work his plan out. Our friend is still not a believer, but he is asking more questions than he ever did before and I can't help that those questions began to stir in his mind on the night that phone call came for food.

I have been praying for you guys and while my story is not one of personal knowledge of Luke himself, I have grown to love him.

-Georgia Tarheel- :)

m said...

Your blog (I found through Angie's) has become a regular visit for me. Your life has touched my heart and reminded me to cherish the little moments...the healthy moments...the overwhelming moments may be many, but God is always close and God always see the entire this economy with a husband unemployed at this moment...I am thankful each day for my 4 healthy children and the strengthening of my marriage...because of Luke! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Mindy Hall

Mrs. D said...

I found your blog through "Bring the Rain". I love Selah and your wifes voice. It is the music of my soul. Their songs have ministered to me greatly. Off the Greatest Hymns Album the song "Part The Waters/I Need Thee Every Hour is one of the songs that we had sung at our baby Hazel's funeral. I know what you are going through having to visit the grave of your child on what should be their 1st birthday. We had to make the same visit for our 2nd daughter who was stillborn on May 30, 2007. We had a 16 month old daughter at the time Hazel was born, so she doesn't remember much about the day Hazel was born... I'm thankful for that since she was so little and it would have been so hard to explain to her where her sister was. She enjoys looking at the pictures and talking about her sister in Heaven. Little Luke will be a witness to your daughter from Heaven. As she learns about where her brother is... God will be drawing her to Him through that. In order to meet her brother again she will have to fall in love with Jesus. Praying for you and yours today. Go through his pictures and videos today and cry. It is a benchmark day in the healing process. Look back at where you have come in God over this last year. It is amazing to see His hand as He cares for us during our grief.

Emily said...

Praying for you today...
Praying for strength and the peace that passes all understanding.

Watching your family live through these tragedies has changed me in ways I can't even explain. I feel a constant burden and prompting to continually ask God to hold you in the shadow of His wing.

God Bless you!

Stacy D said...

Praying for you today on Luke's first birthday...

I remember hearing about Luke through Angie's blog. I was still pregnant with my son, Isaac, at the time, although it was after we had received his fatal diagnosis and knew he wouldn't be with us long. I remember praying so hard for you guys...

Though I didn't know Luke (or you all) in person, your story and Luke's life have been such a source of encouragement to me through my own grief journey with the birth and death of Isaac.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to others through your own hurt and pain... and may He continue to uphold you, especially today.

~ Stacy

Katie said...

Happy birthday sweet baby boy! :-)

I hope that you some find comfort today as you celebrate the life of your son.

Reading Luke's story reminds me how fleeting life can be and to cherish every moment with my own daughter and son. Never take anything for granted. Each moment is a gift from God.

Thank you for sharing your son with us. Praying for you today and always.

Leigh said...

Dear Greg, Nicol, And Summer,

Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today. I found you through Angie's blog, and I found her because a friend recommended her blog. My daughter, Emily was stillborn on December 18, 2007. Your's and Angie's blog continue to encourage me to keep trusting in the Lord and looking to him for my hope and joy. Thank you for sharing your family and your grief so that others may find healing.

God Bless.


Katy said...

Greg & Nicol,
I knew this day was approaching soon and how my heart aches for you both as parents and big sis Summer. The loss is immense and so full of sadness. You are right, you are suppose to be having his 1st birthday.

I remember seeing Lukes picture on Jim & Nancy's fridge. What a doll. What a little man with lots of hair.

Praying for you both that you will have strength that only The Healer can provide.

Happy Birthday Luke!

Jennie said...

I found your Lukey through Angie's blog...and after the loss of our Samantha (3 days after Audrey, incidentally). In your blogs I've found perservering faith and hope, and came to know it is okay to talk about the babies we have lost, that they are never far from us and need to be remembered, no matter how short the time we had with them.

Thank you for sharing Luke with us. I know he, Audrey and Samantha are having a grand ole time playing with Jesus, waiting for the day when we will all join them.

Stacey Kennedy said...

Greg and Nicole, I had come upon your blog by complete accident one evening, while my children were asleep and my husband was out of town. Your beautiful Luke reminded me that night, of how fragil the life of my children are. It brought me to my knees, with tears running down my face. I kissed my kids while they slept, and was reminded that they are not mine, they are Gods, and he has given me the joy of raising them. At anytime He can call them home. I now hug them for a moment longer, and a lot tighter. I pray for your family on a regular basis, and I thank you for sharring Luke with me. You have truly touched my heart. I can only imagine the joy little Luke brings up in heaven with his beautiful smile. May God bless you and bring you comfort.

Thank you
Stacey Kennedy

Janice said...

My husband and I had the honor of visiting Luke and Audrey's graves with Angie on Sunday. My prayers are with you, Nicol, and Summer as you spend today (and every day) remembering the joyous time you spent with him.

Melissa said...

I only know of Sweet Luke through your Blog. I started reading Angie's and found you through her. My husband even read your Blog and his heart broke along with yours. As a father, as a father with a son, we as parents, it was just a strange way to feel over someone you never met. I felt compelled to write for a long time, but I never wanted to say the wrong words, but always wanted you to know that you not only have people supporting you that have walked this journey, but also that every day people like us, were here too.

So, after reading Angie's post, I felt deep sadness. I have two boys and it struck me really hard. I instantly thought of Nicole and how she must feel as a mommy. Luke was the most beautiful boy and I found myself over and over asking why. Why does this happen, why did you both have to endure this horrible pain? and of course the how? How did you manage to wake up and face this new future. It was then that I realized through you and through Angie, that God was why. Not that it made the pain any less, but you had him to turn to. You both have him in your life more than I could ever imagine. It changed me. It changed my way of thinking, it changed the way I looked at my kids, it changed the way I felt about God, and I could never explain to you how much you and your family and your little boy has changed our family.

You must ache and long for him more than words could ever describe. I pray you never have to feel that you have had "enough" time for grieving, I truly believe it would last a lifetime for me. It pains me that someone would even suggest to you for a moment it was time to move on.

So a long post, but words I have felt for months and months, but never felt it was the right time. I pray for you, I ache for you, and I wish you and your family nothing but the best.

momof4kr said...


Luke's Story has impacted my life tremendously. I learned about your precious son through Angie's blog.

As a Mom of four young children, Luke's loss reminds me to cherish every minute of every day...even when it gets tough.

I also want to say that God has truly anointed your writing. I have similar views as you and rely on God's Word as the most prevalent source of wisdom in my life.

You are a wonderful husband and father. I pray that God blesses you and your family in an amazing way. That through your loss, many may be found.

In Him,

The Hansen Family said...

I have an 8 week old and towards the end of my pregnancy began having dreams about his arrival. I was nervous that something may go wrong, we have lost before. In my dreams, my Jacob looked like your Luke. I think about you all often and pray for you. Thank you for sharing his story. I am thankful for your transparency and honesty.

rebecca said...

Happy First Birthday Sweet Little Luke!
I am sure that you are bringing a smile to the face of our Lord today just as you did here on earth to your Mommy and Daddy.
We will all see you soon!

Alice said...

I only know Luke through this blog. What a beautiful little boy. How broken you must be feeling today. I am so sorry. I am praying for you both. Despite his brief time here on Earth, Luke truly lit this place. Someday we'll all be together again, and Jesus will wipe away all our tears. God bless.

Sarah Martin said...

I really don't remember how I came about your blog --- but I come to it every so often to 'see how things are going', and today just happened to be one of those days. I have felt such pain for your family. I lost 2 babies even before they were born; somehow that doesn't seem quite so hard as having one a few months and then suddenly to lose them. I have thought of you all often, and breathed a prayer for you with those thoughts. Today, as I read your blog, I cried with you, and again, prayed for you.

Anonymous said...

It's 8:06pm on March 17, 2009. Three more minutes will mark exactly one year since Gregory Luke Sponberg came into this world.

I remember getting the phone call that afternoon that he would be born on St. Patrick's Day and, since you hadn't chosen a name yet, I teased that maybe Patrick would be a good choice. I was at the mall looking for Easter dresses for the girls.

I waited anxiously for word that he was here. After all, he would be the first boy in our family. It seemed like it took forever! Then I got an email from you with the very first pics of him. He was soooo beautiful. Big hands, broad shoulders, pretty coloring, LOTS of dark hair. Dad called to say he had been born. It was kind of funny because they were at the hospital but hadn't seen him yet and here I was in Northern Maine and I'd already seen a picture! I still have all the emails you sent that night and the rest that followed over the next short weeks.

I will be forever grateful to Scott for pushing the trip to Georgia in April. I wasn't sure if we should go, you know. But he insisted.

When I saw Luke for the first time he was sound asleep in your arms. I will NEVER forget how he curled up in a little ball and snuggled down into my neck when I took him from you. He smelled so good. I miss him.

We had such fun on that trip. Annelise and Liliana absolutely adored Luke as they do Summer. He sure got lots of loving, and holding, and snuggling. Remember the night of Nicol's concert in Nashville? I just realized I actually got to "babysit" him! You and Nicol had to be in the building early and I kept Luke out in the car until it was time for us to go in. It was raining cats and dogs. That was a late night for him but he did so well. Such a sweet baby.

My heart is broken that we can't celebrate Luke's first birthday today the way that we should. It is still so unbelievable to me. It is still shocking in many ways. I can't even begin to imagine how it is for you. I love you and I pray for peace and strength and healing.

Hugs to Nicol and Summer for me.


Julie said...

I did not know Luke personally, only through this blog. He was such a precious little boy and I''m so sorry you are not able to share this life with him. I am always encouraged by you and Nicol for being real about what you are all going through. That you are depending on our Lord to see you through this very difficult season of life.
Luke has touched me because I lost my 2 identical twin nephews on June 1st 2008 at 18 weeks gestation. There was no reason as to why my sister-in-law went into premature labor and delivered them so early. My brother and sister-in-law have also learned so much through their loss. Things they would have never known had it not been for their loss.
Thank you for sharing your grief on this blog. I know you are touching so many lives through it.
I will be praying for you especially tomorrow, Luke's 1st birthday.
God bless you, Nicol and Summer!

Anonymous said...

I hurt with you both, this is such a hard mile stone. I remember thinking that it was so unfar also. I wish I had words of wisdom to offers you two, hang onto each other, cling to each other for strength. God loves you both so much, and He to knows what it is like to lose a son. Small comfort I know. Hugs shi~

Pam said...

Through the prayers of many, may you feel God's peace and experience His presence. May you draw comfort in knowing that God loves you and cries with you.

Meg said...

I have been reading your blog after hearling Luke's story from Angie's blog. I have reead about both of your heartaches & thinking I was simply reading and praying for you gys. In December we lost my unborn niece due to a rare utero problem. We were so excited for her arrival and completely heartbroken when we laid her in the ground instead. However, I think Luke's story gave me hope through the entire tradgedy. Your strength and faith were sweet reminders during those horrible days after Aryn's death. I am so saddened that you lost your baby boy. I have a 14 month old and cannot imagine...however, Luke is still changing lives and I am so thankful for the days he was here on this earth. I know that there are a lot of sweet babies being rocked to sleep by our savior each night & we all look forward to holding them again one day. As I think of our sweet Aryn, I 'll always think of your sweet Luke.

Linda Kneefel said...

Dear Greg and Nicol,
He is not forgotten.
Love you, Linda

Kathy said...

In prayer for you.

I read about precious Luke a few months before my 15 month old nephew, Major was taken in a tragic accident. Your pain became a little more real.

I don't know how to be encouraging as I don't have the fainest of what helps. But I hope you can hope and possibly rest in knowing you are being lifted up.

I cannot wait to be done with pain and suffering. Luke and Major are free.

MapleCottage said...

Nicol, I have been listening to your music throughout this day as I have kept you in my thoughts. Many hugs to you.

Drama Queens said...

shedding tears for your whole family tonight. Thank you for reminding me to hug my kids a little closer and not take our time on earth together for granted.

Anonymous said...

I came here through Angie's blog and I've come here every day since. I have no words today except that I think of your family often and especially today

Marla Taviano said...

Praying for all of you today!
Your Lukey is such a beautiful little boy.

Carol said...

I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and your sweet family on this day. My heart goes out to you. May you feel the peace only the Savior can bring.

Terynn said...

I know Luke through the ones who loved him, love him still.

I love your blog, its honesty and transparency. You could cope with his home-going, by putting on a happy God face, by admitting no doubts, by praising when perhaps you didn't quite feel it.

Instead, you grieve privately, publicly with a grace and humility that is beautiful to behold.

Luke and Audrey are together with Jesus, but oh, how everyone longs for them here. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet little man, after 71 brief days.

It is all I can offer---prayer and sympathy. May you feel and God in tangible, obvious, intimate ways.

Abner & Jennie said...

Praying for you today, so grateful there is hope. I only know of Lukey through this blog, but its been amazing to at least pray for your family on this journey. Much Love. -Jennie in CA

Lauren said...

Your family is in my heart tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry. As I fight back tears, I'm at a complete loss for words. I can only tell you that I will pray for peace and healing.

Tracy: said...

Praying for your family as you remember your precious son! May HIS peace cover you!

Vera said...

I am visiting from Angie's blog and just wanted to know that I am SO SO praying for y'all.

Skerry said...

I do not know your family in the formal sense, found you through Angie's blog and became hooked. I love looking at the pictures of Luke, his face radiates light and makes me smile. Your Faith as you travel this journey inspires me and gives me hope that should I be faced with a devastating loss that I would survive with God's Grace. Luke reminds me to give my kids (16yrs and 11yrs) extra kisses after they have fallen asleep, tomorrow is not promised. Thank you again for sharing not only Luke but also your Family & Faith. I pray that Luke's Birthday is a day of peace and happy memories.

jag said...

Thinking of you and your sweet Luke. I wish I could articulate how Luke's story has impacted my life, but there just aren't words. I only know that he has touched my soul and I never even met him. Thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry for your pain. Praying for you.

embaby81 said...

John 16:33
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have PEACE. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!"

Thinking of you. Luke and Audrey's stories have touched my life. I hope one day that I am able to meet them in Heaven.

Praying for you
from Australia

Heather, Stan and the kids said...

Although I realize it is officially a couple of days past sweet Luke's birthday...I just felt compelled to post. I don't have anything especially insightful to say and certainly nothing to lessen your pain. But just as many others have-I just wanted you to know that we are saddened by your heartbreak and we are lifting you up to Jesus with sometimes wordless intercession. Because even though we have miscarried...I do not know nor can I imagine the cross your family must bear or what it would be like to drive to a cemetery as opposed to baking a 1 year birthday cake. So although it seems like such a small gesture...please know that the Gibson family has prayed for you...even our children know about Luke and "how sad his parents must be." We do love you in Christ even though we have never met your family. But your wife's sweet voice sings almost daily in our home so we are blessed by who your family is and how God is working in ways you may never see..."through it all"
Because He lives,
Heather (for the Gibson's)

The Nolls said...

I've never commented before but I have read your blog often and cried for you and Nicol many times. I have been profoundly affected by both Luke's life, and his cousin Audrey's, by the great privilege of watching their parents (you!) walk through their earthly deaths. I have 2 children (same ages as Summer and Luke) and I feel as if I have been in a battle with the Lord to learn to hold them with an open hand. I have wondered if I could love the Lord if he took them away from me, and I have doubted that anyone could, save biblical heros. And yet, I CANNOT TELL YOU what a TREMENDOUS BLESSING it has been for my faith to realize that GOD DOESN'T CHANGE, He continues to be good, even in the midst of what I imagine to be the most painful experience possible. So thank you THANK YOU for sharing your heart so honestly and openly as you've missed your son. It has increased my faith and brought great glory to our Lord.
I am praying for you all today, and often.

Maria said...

My prayers are with you today and always. We too are coming up on a first birthday (March 27th) for my beautiful granddaughter Sophia so I know all too well how your heart hurts today. I pray that our little ones are celebrating in heaven today...Happy Birthday Luke!

Much love and hugs!

Vickie said...

God bless.

Cass said...

Thank you for sharing your life and your feelings with us. You and Nicol are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am reminded of the incredible blessing that God has given me in my children, and to never take them for granted for they may be called home at any time.

Mandi said...

I have no words to say but I'm praying right now.

Southern Gal said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sorry your little man isn't here with you for his first birthday. There really are no words. Praying for you.

Kelly said...

I know Luke through Angie. I am thinking of you all.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I only knew Luke through your blog and Angie's blog, but he his life has still had an impact on mine. As I listen to the sounds of a 13 week old on the baby monitor every day (even as I type) I think of you and your loss. It reminds me to pray for you, more often than you could know, and appreciate what I have here with me. Luke has helped me to be more grateful, even in the small things. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Praying for you even now,

Bethany Geib said...

I understand that today is little Luke's birthday. I am praying for the peace of Christ to reign in your family today.

Mary said...

What you have lived through seems unbearable and I want to say that as I learned about your story I prayed for comfort and peace for you. The ways in which God gives these things does not seem quick enough in my eyes, and probably nowhere near it in yours. We celebrate Luke with you and rejoice that He is safe in the protection of our Lord who is teaching him the things that it only seems his momma and daddy should be teaching him. But oh what a tiny slice of comfort to know that God Himself is watching him right now. Bless you and your family.

kristina proffitt said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you all.

Tracie said...

I don't know you or your family or your sweet Luke but I want to thank you for sharing your story and family. You will not know this side of heaven how many lives you have touched. I will pray for your family.

Linda said...

I know all too well what you are going through this week. Tomorrow would have been my son's first birthday. He passed away at 2 months old. I am praying for peace for you both. Thank you for sharing your story; your strength inspires so many.

Rachel said...

May you continue to "light the world" in spite of missing your little Lukey!

Praying for you today!

Party of Five said...

I was introduced to Luke through Angie's blog. I was drawn to him because I thought he looked like my son, Tripp, with all of his dark hair and cute little nose. I would just sit and cry watching the video Angie has of Nicol singing at Audrey's funeral while she is holding Luke. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have a perfectly healthy baby one day and then lose him the next. I can tell you that I have always remembered that comment Greg made when he talked about walking by Luke as he sat in the swing and was wishing he would have picked him up...that has always been in my mind and when I really have stuff to get done or would like a little time to myself I still take those extra minutes to just sit and hold my son as he sleeps and appreciate my ability to do so. And let me tell you, he appreciates that because he is a cuddler. So thank you for that. Thank you for allowing me to step back and be thankful for my kids and helping me to overlook the small stuff and appreciate and cherish the important things about being a parent. That is what you and your Lukey have done for me and my family and we are very greatful. We are always thinking of you all and praying for your peace.

Gene and Annie said...

Praying for you and your family! May God be your strength!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Luke! May He comfort you during this "missed milestone".

Hannah said...

Thank you so much for sharing! His life has made an impact and a difference. It makes me hold my children a little closer and take time for them when they need me right now. It helps me not take a moment for granted. Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and pain with us. I am praying for you guys as you walk this path that no parent should have to.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luke!
May you be walking with the Lord today.
Greg and Nicol- My heart breaks for you today, please know you are not alone in your sorrow. Your little boy has touched so many lives.

Deborah said...

Your loss opened my heart to the hurt and pain so many are suffering from. My thoughts and prayers were with you yesterday. I have always loved the Selah group and played their music in my store a few years ago. When I heard of your loss, I started doing a little research and now my heart has been opened to those suffering like you.

My prayers will continue to be with you as your heart continues to ache. Thank you so much for sharing Luke and your family with us.

Kelly said...

Your family's faith and testimony is a blessing. My heart hurts for you today. I'm so sorry that Luke is not here. Happy birthday to him one day late. May you feel the closeness of Jesus now more than ever.

dena said...

Praying for you all as you remember your precious Luke. Gods peace be with you all. Happy Birthda are precious.

jablott said...

Luke has taught me so much about how fragile life is. Every moment, every breath is a gift. I pray that God is near to give you moments of peace as you endure in this fire of affliction. My heart hurts for you....

Kelly said...

praying for you.

Green Acres said...

My heart aches for you. Praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Please know we are thinking & praying for your family. It pains me to think about what you are going through now & in the months/years ahead. Take comfort in the fact that you know he is with a very loving Lord and you will see him one day.

Mare said...

Greg & Nicole~
I have followed you blog since Angie mentioned you in one of her post. I pray for both of you often.

Being a nurse in the NICU, I am a part of the begining of a new life...with many who struggle to survive. Some do well, others...not so good.

Luke and those children who don't do so well share something in common for after day as I watch their parents look at their child, smell them, talk to them, talk of them,pray...I see what "Agape" love is all about. I realize that life is so short sometimes that you may miss an opportunity to say or do something for the one you love. So I try to love, love, love those in my life...creating as Angie would say...a photograph in my mind..."Blink"

Our Everchangin' Clan said...

praying for you - I only knew Luke thru what you shared & the tears that came thereafter. praying!

Laura said...

Thinking of you....

Melanie said...

I am praying for you and your family as I do often. I had been following Angie's story for quite awhile. Then, when she directed us to your site, I began following yours. I wish that I could explain the impact that your family's story has had on my life. Little did I know, that in August I would have a stillborn son, Drew. My heart was broken. I found comfort in reading this blog and Angie's blog. Thank you.

amy said...

I just wanted to tell you how very sorry I am that you are not able to celebrate your sweet boy's birthday with him in your arms. I can't imagine what that must feel like. I do believe however, that his day was ROYALLY celebrated in heaven! I also believe that the God who loves you will comfort you as only He can.

I have been so moved by your faith and as someone who struggles with fear...I have seen how our God can carry us NO MATTER WHAT. I have a little guy, Luke who is just a month older than your baby boy would be. When I read of Luke's passing, I was stricken with fear that the same thing would happen to him. I was literally gripped by it. I had to come before the Lord and realize that even if the Lord took him, I would still PRAISE him and still SERVE him. That is what I've seen YOU do. My faith isn't conditional anymore. Do I want to lose my sweet boy? NO...but, I GET now that he is not mine and that God is in control and is WORTHY of my praise, no matter what. I try not to take a single minute for granted with any of my children. I've also learned that from you. I try to have tea parties with my girls, like you do with Summer. :) THANKYOU for showing us what it means to have unconditional faith. I am so grateful for your example and pray that the Lord will give you peace and strength as I know you are so deeply grieving.

Much love to you!
Amy B.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Luke. What a hard day this is for your hearts. My daughter passed away when she was 15 months. We celebrate Hayden Grace's birthday every year by buying toys and books for a local charity. It is the only way I can cope with the day. My prayers go out to you.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Luke in person either but I have appreciated learning about his story and your family. You truly have a precious treasure waiting for you in heaven.

Melody said...

My heart is grieving with you guys, and I pray the Lord just completely covers you, as only He can, with His comfort and peace. As I've "met" you and Nicol over the months, thanks to Angie's blog directing me over here, I see such a beautiful family- one that was only made better because of Luke. I am so thankful for you guys and your ministry and I am praying for you all!! ((Hugs))

Kristy said...

Greg, you and Nicol have suffered what every parent fears the most - losing their child. I have only known him through your blog - and first from Angie's. I remember seeing on her blog - the video of Nicol singing at your neice's funeral, while holding Luke in her arms. When I read not long after how that that precious baby had died - due to SIDS, I just couldn't believe it. I cried and cried. You have a beautiful family - and it has meant alot to me just to get to "know" Luke through your blog - and to pray for you and your family as you have to now live a new life, without Luke - one that you would never have chosen.
I thank you so much for sharing him and your story and pain with us.
Praying for you and Nicol as you celebrate Luke's life.

Julie said...

Praying for you, Nicol and Summer. Thank you for sharing the early pictures of sweet Luke. He is so sweet and I am so sorry for your pain. I did not know Luke in person - I am a "Sunday" from Angie's blog and remember so clearly the night I read about what happened to your precious Luke. I remember breaking down crying, my heart hurting for you and Nicol, for your entire family. You have all been through so much.

I lost my first born children, twins Devin and Elizabeth, at 5 months pregnant. I know how devastating that was (and still is, even after 3 more children) to me - I could not and can not imagine what you have gone through after holding Luke in your arms for 71 days. Luke's story has inspired me to love my children not take a day for reach out to God more.

Thank you for sharing your little boy with so many of us...for sharing your struggle and your joys...and your faith. You are all an inspiration...through both the good and bad...the ups and downs of this journey.

Hugs and prayers.

Channe said...

I do not know you in person, but I think of you & your family often - especially when a Selah song comes on my ipod. My daughter is abut to turn 3 years old, and my son is 5 months old.

Because of Luke's story, I give them each extra kisses, thank God more often than I used to, and try not to let the hustle & bustle of life rush me through the special times that I share with them.

Thank you for sharing Luke's story - it has given me a more grateful heart.

I am so sorry that Luke had to go to heaven when he did. I admire you & your wife's faith, and am praying that God will comfort you somehow.

Tasha said...

Dear Greg and Nicol,Summmer too.Well,I don't really know any of you.Although I really feel like I do.Nicole,I have been listening to your beautiful music for many years now.I always feel so connected with you when I hear you sing.I actually met you one time about 8 years ago when Selah did a concert in my little town.You guys have actually been here twice.Amazing!Greg,I have never met you but because of how raw and honest you are here I feel very close to you.Sweet little Summer.What a beautiful little girl you are!On the inside and out.I love it when your daddy tells us the funny things you say.(Truck covered in Peanut Butter)I am sure that if our families really knew each other you and my Maggie age three would be good friends.You are so blessed to have the parents that God has given you.You may not fully appreciate this yet but you will some day.And now sweet baby Luke.On the very day that you went to be with Jesus,my little Avery Grace was born.My best friend had come to the hospital to visit and because she knew that I followed Angie's blog so closely she told me about what had happened.I remember lying there holding my baby girl who was only a day old and thinking"Why God Why?!?!"No good can come from taking a baby from his mommy and daddy.It seemed so unfair to me.If I'm being honest it still does.I think it always will.I remember that first night home from the hospital.I was so afraid to turn off the lights to go to sleep.I was so afraid that maybe God would choose to take my Avery in her sleep for no apparent reason.In those moments,I know I was hormonal or whatever but I was really worried.I remember praying and asking God to give me peace and to never take this precious new life for granted.In the past 9 months or so there have been times when I have become frustrated because I have a baby that seems to be crying for no reason and here lately a baby that is into everything.I think she tries to beat her personal best time to see how quickly she can destroy a room.But everytime I start to feel frustrated God reminds me of Luke.He reminds me that you would do anything to have your sweet boy here with you.You would love for him to be getting into everything.I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel like I am a better mom because of Luke.I try not to take one day of my girls life for granted.God Bless you as you remember Luke on this special day.I can't imagine the pain.I will never forget Luke.I will especially remember him on my Avery's birthdays.I will be thankfull for another year with her.Luke makes me more thankful.I'm sorry this is so long.It's just what was on my heart.May Jesus continue to carry you.Love~Tasha in Indiana~

Jennifer Connell-Weibelt said...

I found your story through Audry's blog. I have a 5 month old son whom I couldn't imagine losing. I look at my little man often and think of Luke. I think everyone who reads his story bears a little of the weight that is on your family's shoulders. I pray that the little weight we each carry will help ease your load. I will continue to pray for you and your entire family!

carebear said...

Dear Luke,
I have been following your blog through your Aunt Angie's. I was given her site when I was told my son would not make it past birth. He has had a TOUGH life, but he is here. Getting to know you and your parents has touched my heart and made me want to become a better mommy for my Matthew and William. Despite all the hardships my little one has come through, it makes me even more grateful that he is here. People often say I am strong to endure kidney failure in a baby, but it is nothing compared to your mommy and daddy's strenth. I hope you had a joyous birthday in the arms of Jesus.

Di said...

Imagine! Celebrating your first birthday with Jesus.
How sadly profound.
I'm so sorry for your loss here on Earth.
I know you rejoice with Lukey that he is safe in the arms of Jesus, while at the same time, your heart is torn in 2.
May His light continue to shine on your family,.
How has Lukes short life impacted me?
Remembering that every good and perfect gift is from Him. Even if it is just for seventy-some days.
Thank you for bodly sharing the love of God thur this dark time.

Michelle said...

I am a reader from Angie's blog and a mom of my own little angel and I still remember the day Angie posted about Luke, I was so consumed with anger, I remember posting sometime after that on my blog that I was angry and God knew it, I had several conversations in the shower with him about how and why these things happen, of course I know we are suppose to trust Him and I do, but Little Luke really made me cling to The Lord because I knew I had a choice, I could let that anger consume me and put distance between me and God or I could use that anger to "learn" from it, I pray for all of you!

Marci said...

We are from Zeeland, Michigan and have always been such huge Selah fans. My mom even asked Nicol if she would sing in my wedding at one of their concerts! Due to admiration for your beautiful wife, we heard about your son and found your beautiful blog. Luke was so precious, and it is so hard to imagine what pain you all must be going through. I so wish that I had some type of comforting words to say, but all I can think about it that this just seems so unfair. We will continue to pray for all of you during this hard time.

Anonymous said...

I 'met' your Luke through Angie's blog. We have a Lukey of our own who's birthday is in March also. He turned 2 this year. I can't even begin to imagine your pain. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope this is o.k. to say...hearing about such a sad loss helps me to appreciate the gifts from God that our chilren are and to help love them with the Lord's love. May our God wrap you up in his love and peace until the day you meet your Lukey again.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family. You have inspired me to cherish my children and soak up each moment. I feel so much sadness for your family. God Bless you all.

slodownu said...

Found your blog through Angie's. Your boy was beautiful. My heart breaks for the moments, milestones and memories that shall not least in the way you had hoped and planned. Thank you for your honesty and for being so transparent in the midst of your pain. I pray the Lord will continue to give you grace and peace as you walk through the really hard days,joy and laughter (thanks to that pistol of yours Summer) and sustaining hope in Christ.

slodownu said...

Found your blog through Angie's. Your boy was beautiful. My heart breaks for the moments, milestones and memories that shall not least in the way you had hoped and planned. Thank you for your honesty and for being so transparent in the midst of your pain. I pray the Lord will continue to give you grace and peace as you walk through the really hard days,joy and laughter (thanks to that pistol of yours Summer) and sustaining hope in Christ.

Tay's Mom said...

Hi Nicol and Greg. I follow Angie's blog and read about Luke. I just felt called to share something with you. A friend of mine recently lost her father. She is one of the strongest Christians that I know, and she is dealing with the grief associated with losing a loved one. A blog she wrote yesterday was helpful to me (I, too, am grieving the loss of a baby), and I thought it might help you too. It's not specific to your situation or mine, but it was enlightening to me. Gave me strength when all I want to do is be sad. I hope it speaks to you too. God Bless you and your beautiful family. Luke is playing with my son as we speak :)

Georgia's blog said...

I know it I am a couple of days late... I have been blessed to know Luke and your precious family and pray for you often. I learned of Luke through Angie's blog shortly after the death of our 15 year old daughter Rachel. Luke and Audrey have touched my life in a very special way. Thank you for sharing him with me and know that he continues to touch lives... I rest in the comfort that Luke, Audrey and my Rachel are in Heaven with Jesus and know that we will see them again someday!

Hanging on to Him,

Sue said...

I have been praying for all of you everyday since Luke went to be with the Lord. Thank you for always sharing your honest emotions and deepest thoughts with us. I will continue to pray!

Our happy zoo! said...

Praying for your entire family. Your beautiful son, Luke, touched me from the very announcement of his birth. So beautiful and such a light-amazing that is the meaning of his name, I didn't know that until your post today. Since he has passed, I have thought of your family many times and prayed peace and burdens to be lifted. You have one amazing light waiting for you on the other side, that is for sure. Gods blessings and peace to all of you and I will continue to lift you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nicol and Greg,

Everytime I hear your music on the radio it prompts my heart to pray for you. I know your heart has broken countless times as you miss your sweet baby. Words do not adequately comfort...but God's love will. We know...we've had loss, too.

Beth in GA

Darla said...

praying for you today...i didnt know Luke but i knew his mamas music has touched me in so many ways and has helped me through some dark times...i am honored to be able to pray for you at this time that i know is very difficult. God is with you.

Lindsay said...

I have not had the privilege to know you or your family personally. I found your blog through Angie's last spring and have followed your story since then. I want you to know that I pray for Luke and your family almost daily. I wish that I had some more inspiring words for you, but I feel that everything I could say is lacking. I have cried and even laughed (especially over the pb on the truck post and the tea party post) with you and for you. Your faith and hope during these months has shaken me to my core and has led me to focus on how I live my life and to make sure that I honor God and my family by cherishing every moment that I am blessed with here on Earth. Thank you for your honesty and courage and for sharing the story of your sweet boy with us. I'll continue to lift your family in prayer.

Cristi said...

I just weep as I read this post. I remember following your blog last year and I remember reading about your loss of your precious baby boy. I must have been so wrapped up in our own stuff then to realize though that the day we brought our Avery Grace home from the NICU was the same day your sweet Luke was brought home to see Jesus. Life is so full of things we dont understand. I am so sorry for your loss and so thankful that God chose to allow Avery to come home from the hospital to be with us. I know that Luke is playing with Averys brother who we never got to hold and with Little Audrey too. One day we will see them. Until then, we trust.

Stacy said...

Greg, Nicol and Summer,

I first heard about your sweet Luke on Angie's blog, and it was such a shock to all of us readers. To suffer so much loss in such a short span of time...your niece, and then your son.

But, your faith has been an inspiration. Please know that your love and devotion to the Lord does not go unnoticed! There have been times that I've stopped to pause and reflect over something that you have written in your blog...

And, I have learned to not take even one moment for granted. Nobody knows what tomorrow will hold on this earth, but I do know that in the end, no matter what happens here, there is still the promise of an everlasting life with our Savior. And that knowledge is what keeps me sane!

I pray the Lord holds you all in His arms right now, giving you peace and strength to get through these hard days.

God bless,

Tammi said...

Dear Greg and Nicol,

I knew Nicol from SCS days. I was/am a friend of Todd's and my sister, Trina, was/is a friend of Nicol's. I have followed Selah and then Nicol's music all along and have been so profoundly blessed by it. Not only your incredible talent, but also God's prescence in your music.

My family and I were there the night of the 30/70 Laban ministries celebration in Detroit. To hear Greg share and Nicol and Todd sing with such raw emotion, yet desiring to glorify God (which is exactly what you did) was an experience I will never forget. Never. God's light, through Luke's story and life, was shining so brightly that night.

Thank you for your willingness to allow others to walk this road with you. We all wish we could take away the intense pain and are praying that our Abba will meet you in those places.

I wrote this verse on a note to Todd and Angie, and meant to do the same for you, but never did. It seems very appropriate for today- especially with the meaning of Luke's name.

Daniel 12:3
"Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever."

As you look up into each night's sky and see the stars, may it remind you of your brightly his light shines as his life and story is leading many to righteouness.

Shine on little Luke...shine on!

Continuing to pray for your families.

laura said...

Dear Greg and Nicol-
Happy birthday to your little man. :o) I have been reading your blog since the beginning (from Angie) and I want to let you know how much Luke has impacted my life. I found out I was expecting shortly before I found Angie's blog- our 5th child, and a pretty unexpected surprise. As I began reading about Audrey, God began to touch my heart in dealing with my family, and our precious gift, and He continued to do so through Luke.
Those children are on my mind so often (seems weird since I have never met either family, and I probably think and pray for them more than I do my own nieces and nephews!). As my pregnancy advanced, I found myself feeling guilty at times, and fearful at others...asking God "why" often. And then our sweet Mackenzie Grace was born in September. I marked the 2 1/2 hour mark after her birth and thought of Audrey, and hugged and kissed my baby-praising and questioning God all at the same time.
when we came home I found I was extra cautious every time I laid her down...all I could think of was your stories of Luke. The one that especially hit me was when you talked about kissing him in his swing the day he went to be with Jesus. There has not been a moment, since reading about Luke, that I do not hug my children tighter, or kiss my baby better, before we separate...even for bed.
I remembered Luke when Mackenzie hit 10 weeks,and I slept with her in my arms all night, thinking and praying for your son.
My absolute favorite picture of Luke is the one where he is sticking out his tongue...I just love that! Well, around 4 1/2 months Mackenzie started doing that too, and when she does, I think of Luke and smile. :o)
Luke (and Audrey) have changed me for the better. They have made me a better mom, and also a better, gentler person. God is doing something in my life, and He began the journey though these two angels. I am so sorry for your loss, and so in awe of a God who thinks to use such tiny children to bring Him the greatest glory.
Many many blessings on this special day. (btw- my Nana was born on March 17th...and would have been the one person who cheered for our surprise #5...I am sure she is lovin' being able to rock such precious angels in Heaven while they (and she)wait for their families to join them. :o) )
Laura from FL

maggieallen123 said...

I want to just surround you with prayers and long arms for hugs. I guess the main thing that what your family has gone through has taught me is that life is so fragile and short. That we are to never ever take one moment for granted. Thank you for always being honest and open. Thank you for teaching us things to do and not do and try not to say stupid things to people hurting. That just being there for people and having a ministry of presence is enough. You have a precious family and I wish a lifetime of peace and love. Becky

The O'Brien's said...

What do you say when you know there are no words to fix the hurt and pain. Breathe, breathe, breathe and let God into your heart. We all know how evil Satan can get. You're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on a site and if you haven't seen it thought you might like.....Love....

Dear Mr. Hallmark,
I am writing to you from heaven, and though it must
A rather strange idea, I see everything from here.
I just popped in to visit, your stores to find a card
A card of love for my mother, as these days for her are

There must be some mistake I thought, every card you
could imagine
Except I could not find a card, from a child who lives
in heaven.
She is still a mother too, no matter where I reside
I had to leave, she understands, but oh the tears
she’s cried.

I thought that if I wrote you, that you would come to
That though I live in heaven now, I still love my
mother so.
She talks with me, and dreams with me; we still share
laughter too,
Memories our way of speaking now, would you see what
you could do?

My mother carries me in her heart, her tears she hides
from sight.
She thinks of ways to honor me, sometimes far into the
She plants flowers in my garden, there my living
memory dwells
She still buys me gifts, and writes to me as well.

So you see Mr. Hallmark, though I no longer live on
I must find a way, to remind her of her wondrous worth

She needs to be honored, and remembered too
Just as the children of earth will do.

Thank you Mr. Hallmark, I know you’ll do your best
I have done all I can do; to you I’ll leave the rest.
Find a way to tell her, how much she means to me
Until I can do it for myself, when she joins me in

Amanda said...

Praying for your precious family. My heart breaks for you. I cannot fathom what you've been through but I pray the peace and power of Jesus Christ over you all.

The McEwen Family said...

thank you for allowing us to share in your raw pain...and for letting your pain draw you closer to Him. I think about you guys and pray for you all the time. May God's peace surround you, literally, through this season and beyond.

four little blessings said...

We are praying for you and for sweet memories of your days with Luke. Thanks for your faith and sharing. May God Bless you and your family.


Jen said...

Oh! I can't come to your site without my heart twisting. He reminds me so much of what my son Eli looked like so small... Those eyes that penetrate to your very soul, that gorgeous tongue... Every time I come I just want to yell "WHY?!" at God. It just doesn't seem right that such delightful, precious little people leave us for glory so soon. Aren't we selfish *soft smile*

Know you are being carried on the wings of a million prayers this week, and placed gently on the breast of Christ.

sheila said...

HI Greg, Nicole and Summer
Just wanted to let you guys know you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I love you, Sheila

sheila said...

Let me just be honest when I say it absolutely stinks to be at a graveside on a little one's birthday. No other way to say it, it hurts and just plain stinks. Baby Luke has meant so much to me over the last 10 mths than any other baby I've never met. Why did God give me a burden for your family, why did this precious baby's life wake me in the middle of the night to pray for your family. Especially Nicol. I began to thank God for the parents you are. Your honestly and humility, your hurt in spite of the fact that we know he is beyond well and beyond loved and beyond happy, we hurt, we miss and we don't understand. There have been many times that I have re-read an older post that I remembered because I needed the words at that time. Baby Luke has sustained me, forced me to think of heaven in a way that I wasn't quite ready to, but in God's wisdom, I needed to. Baby Luke prepared me, in a way, for a life far different than I would have ever thought, not one that I chose, but one that I know somehow will be ok. God bless you abundantly. God throw open the storehouse of blessings upon this family who have chosen to purposely share their baby boy with others in hopes to glorify you and help others. In God's love sheila

Anonymous said...

Your loss has effected me more than I would have ever thought a strangers loss could. Each time I think of your family and Luke my eyes tear and I feel physical pain. I truly hurt for you all. The loss of Luke has taught me to not take anything for granted. The housework can wait, I can go to bed later, just spend every second I can with my son and appreciate it.
I pray for you all each day. There are no words for what you are feeling. Luke was beautiful and a light to those around him. Your ability to share your loss is helping others to keep our lives in check and priorities straight.
Thank you. I am so very, very, very sorry.
Many blessings and much love-

Laura said...

Praying for your family! May God carry you through this time.

Melissa said...

I have two little boys and I found your blog through Angie's blog. I have been following y'all story since June and rarely miss a week without checking in on you. I can truly say that Luke's and Audrey's stories has impacted me as a mom and a Christian. I follow other blogs and pray for strangers that I would have never done before. I found out about what happened to Luke on Audrey's blog when my youngest(Luke Aden) was 5 months. I was still going through some postpartum depression and didn't know it. I knew something was off but didn't know what it was. Reading your story made me snap out of it and start being the mom I was suppose to be. Before y'all I was unaware of what a miracle and a wonderful gift a baby is. Now since finding the blog I hug my boys more, read them the bible(kids version)at night, kiss them like crazy, I have more patience with them and really love being a mom more and more. Thank you for opening up your hearts and sharing your story with everyone it has changed my life forever. I cannot say thank you enough. Happy Birthday Luke!

Anonymous said...

My heart is broken for you all, as I can not fathom the pain you carry in your hearts. I know there are no words or things that we can do to take away that pain and for that iam truly sorry. I remember reading about Luke last year and wept and prayed for you-- as I had my first child last April. I don't know any of you, but please know that you and Luke have impacted my life and my heart in a very profound way. I no longer take the little things for granted and enjoy every moment and every second with our little one and with everyone in our lives. I truly wish that I could help you in some way. I think about Luke from time to time when i watch my little one and my heart is broken for you. Please know that Luke is loved and will always be loved from people all over the world. Sending my love and prayers to you all.

Janniep said...

Dear Sponberg family,

I was directed to your site by a blog friend of mine. She thought it would interest me since just this week, I wrote about the death of my own son, Trevor, who also died of SIDS...25 years ago.

..."this is why we are grieving with hope"

How wonderful is our God that we have the assurance of hope? I am so grateful to God that He taught me how to celebrate the death of my child. It's been an absolute amazing journey for me, but I can honestly say, He turned my sorrow to Joy. What God has worked in me as a result of Trevor's passing, is something I would NEVER change.

I have written about my son on three occasions and I would like to share them with you if you feel so inclined to read them. It is my hope that you would be comforted and encouraged by them in some way.

Thank you for sharing your son with us. He was a beautiful baby. I look forward to coming back and reading more.

Janice Persson

Janet said...

Dear Greg and Nicol - I have heard of your life's story through Angie. Your son's death has caused me to really search and try to understand how your son could be taken up to heaven while you were praying for him and Summer as you put her to bed that terrible night. On the one hand, it gives me peace in knowing that God's will WILL be done - no matter what our requests are. On the other hand, it has caused me to doubt if our prayers really do any good at all. I don't say that irreverantly, but just out being a simple human trying to somehow understand the Almighty God. I still pray and still believe, but I realize that God is not a magician who grants us our wishes and many, many things in life will happen without my consent or understanding. You son's life has taught me that. I also was impacted by Angie's story of how she had such a hard time getting to a concert that Nicol was singing at, but she made it and how that was the only time she got to actually hold little Luke. It really made me think and ask God to help me not to miss any opportunity like that. I pray for your comfort and peace as you continue to grieve for your sweet precious little boy, Luke.

Anonymous said...

The song Held by Natalie Grant, It helped me. Praying for you.

KK said...

Please know your family remains in my daily thoughts and prayers without ceasing. Praying for continued healing and peace of mind. Rest in HIM today and always,
Matthew 21:22

Kelli said...

Greg and Nicol,
Your son's life has blessed and challenged me so very much these past months. I know that that does not take away the burden and heartache of his loss from you, but I pray that you find a bit of encouragement in that knowledge. Thank you for sharing him with the world. He is truly a precious little man and I pray that as you wait to be reunited with him you experience peace and grace in abundance. May God give you strength.

Lora said...

Love and prayers.

Susan said...

I found your blog through Angie Smith's and have been praying for you ever since you loss precious little Luke. He looks so much like my oldest son did as an infant that it was shocking to see his pictures. I pray that time does help to make the pain less severe. Although I am sure it will never completly cease. My God's grace and peace bless you all.
Susan Simpson

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for sharing your life in the public eye. Some seem to think that Christians have it so easy and the bad stuff seems to not happen to them. This is so true as you know. BUT God is BIG, and His everloving arm will carry you through from now until we too reach the gates of Heaven. Thank Jesus for this great promise for GOODBYE IS NOT FOREVER, it is only so long for NOW! ( IT STILL HURT AND STABS AT THE HEART THOUGH!

Melanie said...

I found you guys last year from Angie's blog. At that time my youngest son was only 10 weeks old. I cried and lifted your family up in prayer then. I also praised the Lord for my 3 healthy boys, and felt guilty because I have my sons here with me. I don't know your exact pain, but I do know that my heart aches for you when I check you blog. I will never forget you baby Luke, even though we've never met. You see, Your sweet baby Luke and I share the same birthday!! I turned 30 this year! Thank you for sharing this private story with the world!
God Bless you all!

Ashley said...

I learned about Luke and your family through Angie's blog. I felt connected to your family, and to your grief, because my first child, our son Robbie, was born on March 15th last year. Since I have been following your family's story through your blog, I have grieved for (with?) you over the loss of Luke. I cannot imagine losing our son so early. God has used your story to impress on my heart how fragile life is, what a miracle my son is, and that every day is a gift. We don't know how long we have with our children, or our family or friends for that matter. I thought about your family the day we celebrated Robbie's first birthday this past weekend, and there was a place of sadness in my heart for you. I'm so sorry for your loss, and will continue to remember you in my prayers.

Paige said...

Continuing to lift you and your family up in prayer this week..

Smileyface said...

Your blog has been such a ministry....such a bright light in a dark world. God has so much purpose in everything we go thru...though we don't understand all the whys, there is purpose.
Luke's legacy will live on because your family has chose to shine despite the share what God has done despite the keep loving despite the hurt. Your family is such a testimony of how big and good our God truly is!

Luke was born on my birthday....I didn't realize that until tonite. What a special little guy...I can't wait to meet my birthday buddy in Heaven!

Our prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing your heart thru this have been such a blessing!

Sarah said...

Dear Greg & Nicole,

My heart was immediately burdened for you and for Todd and Angie when, one Sunday morning sometime last year after playing a Selah selection, the DJ told the story of how both of you had lost your little ones within a short time. I have listened to Selah music ever since a lady from our church shared a CD with me. I think it had "I Bless Your Name" on it, and I immediately related to it and wanted to find the accompaniment and share it in our home church where my husband pastors.

I'm writing this more as a personal note to you both, but since I have no other way of contacting you, am sending this to the blog site. Please do not post this, unless for some reason you feel compelled to. I'm just writing it for you both.

Shortly after my husband and I were married in '86, we lost a baby. I was only a few weeks along, and hadn't even known at the time that I was pregnant. I thought the nausea was related to constant sinus problems that I've had all of my life. 3 years later we found out we were pregnant again, and in the stages of extreme excitement, shared with everyone that we were expecting..... only to lose our second baby about 8 weeks into the pregnancy. So many people made comments that were extremely painful to hear. One was a nurse who asked why I 'didn't keep the fetus', another one I commonly heard was "You're young, you can have another." It seemed to diminish the loss we had just experienced as if it were a thrown away piece of trash. Of course, it was meant to comfort, but it didn't. It reminded me of my mama sharing how she began to read the bible to learn it so she could 'throw' scripture at people the way they 'threw' it at her, supposedly as comfort during times of extreme trial. (The ever familiar one being, 'for we know that all things work together for the good...." Rom. 8:28). She said that in reading it, studying it, and memorizing it, she found that, after taking root in her heart, she didn't want to 'throw' it back at people anymore. I wish all who 'shared' scripture during such times would be more sensitive to the time and way they 'shared', as I'm sure you all have experienced, and wish also.

Why am I writing to you, and feeling the need to share my thoughts? Because I feel such a connection, and am compelled to share some of my thoughts with you that may help. If not, I do apologize and pray you will not harbor hard feelings toward me.

You see, six weeks after our move from Roanoke, VA to our new pastorate here in Sheridan, Indiana, my godly mama succumbed to advanced breast cancer (which had gone into her bones, etc) and passed thru heaven's portals. At that point, I had spent 5 of those six weeks traveling 55 miles from home to my childhood home, and spent 24 hours at a time caring for her in the last stages of life. It was both precious, and painful at the same time. I begged God to take her because she was in such pain, but I also begged God for a miracle, because she would be leaving behind her mate of 59 years, 47 of which he was blind. She was his eyes, the love of his life, and I didn't know how he could live without her. For a long time -- a year or more, all I could see when I remembered mama, was the way she looked and acted those last 5 weeks of her life. I remembered things that people said and did, things she said and did, and thought they would be forever etched in my mind and that the good memories would never come back. I couldn't understand why God would 'do this' to my mama, AND my daddy -- who needed her so.

5 years later I sat with my blind daddy by his bedside at a nursing home, and watched him struggle for every last breath until he died. Most of those last years he had severe dementia and very few lucid moments, and it was agony for me. When he finally gave his last breath, a CD that was playing was of Bill Gaither's "Homecoming Favorites", music that my daddy loved so much, and immediately this song began to play, "When my life's work has ended, and I cross the swelling tide, and that bright and glorious morning I shall see...." In the midst of my pain, I felt joy and relief.... because my daddy could see again, and he was with his bride of 59 years, and His Lord and Savior.

One year later, to the date of my daddy's memorial service, my closest brother, and dear friend, at the age of 53 suddenly passed. He had just preached 'one of the best sermons' he'd preached ever to his congregation, walked up the hill to his home, and within minutes, was gone. I still cry because I miss him so very much, and miss our conversations. He and I deeply understood one another, because we both struggled with severe depression (unfortunately, an inherited family condition). I cried because he was gone, but I had joy because I knew he suffered no more from that severe depression, a heart condition, and situations of life that often overwhelmed him.

I've only shared these things with you to let you know that I know (only in part) the sting of death and how it can affect you. True, I have not experienced the same exact situation as yours, but still, in some small way, can relate.

One of my favorite courses in the small bible college that I attended was "Hymnology". The 'textbook' was an old, old version of The Methodist Hymnal. We sang and memorized some songs that I'd never in my life heard before (and I knew ALOT of hymns!) One such song that I memorized (my choice) for a final exam was, "What'ere My God Ordains Is Right". It impacted me then, but has impacted me in a much greater way through all of these incidents in my life. The words came to me immediately after the loss of my second baby as I lay on the bed crying softly (because I didn't want to wake my husband who was sleeping and had to deliver a message in just a few hours). I KNEW it was a 'God-thing'. And I've just felt strangely impressed to share it with you.

"What'ere my God ordains is right;
His will is ever just.
How'ere He orders now my cause,
I will be still and trust.
He is my God - He owns me that I shall not fall;
And so, to Him, I leave it all."

I cannot explain how one can have such pain -- and yet, such peace all in the same moment, but I experienced it. I never understood why, in my early years as a teenager, and young adult, I faced such terrible and tragic situations (none of them mentioned above) until I read later in II Corinthians 1:3-4, that perhaps, God allowed these things to come into my life so that I, too could "comfort others with the comfort" I had received in my times of trial. Does that make it any less painful, these losses and pains I have suffered? Not always, but yes, sometimes. But when I look at these past tribulations and realize that I have gone thru them for the purpose of being a 'comfort' to others who may go thru the same thing, I have more of an understanding of the 'why God allowed' these things.

I have prayed much for you both. I have prayed that God's comfort would be yours, and that you would be able, in time, to comfort others with the comfort you received during your time of trial.

I have prayed that He would draw you together, and not allow this great sorrow to create a chasm in your home.

I have prayed that Summer would continue to have the love and attention she needs, even while you are in great pain.

I have prayed that the ‘what-ifs’ would not torment or tear you apart, and that you’d be able to give them to Jesus. (A professor in bible college once shared something that has forever been etched into my memory – that “nothing comes to us that is not ‘Father-filtered’ “.)

And I have prayed that any painful memories would, although they may not ever leave your mind, would somehow 'grow strangely dim - in the light of His glory and grace'.

Nichol, your songs -- ALWAYS, EVERY ONE OF THEM minister to me. I know you sing, not to be entertaining, but to minister. I love the soulful, gutsy sincerity with which you share your heart as you sing, and I believe, because of the things you and Greg have gone thru, that your ministry will be even greater because of this.

Maybe I’ve not shared anything with you that has, in any way, form or fashion, ministered or spoken to your hearts. But I felt so compelled to share, and hope I discerned correctly – that what I’ve shared will somehow minister to you both.

Much love in Christ,

Sarah Martin

Jen said...

My thoughts & prayers continue to be with your family. Just wanted to let you know that Luke's story has helped me to cherish every moment with my boys (even the bad) and to make sure I make the most of every moment with them (and my family and friends as a whole). Thank you for having the strength to continue sharing your family's story with us. Luke has definitely impacted the world.

Anonymous said...

My son died of SIDS, please go to his blog, God be with you...I know what you are going through.

Simply Blessed said...

First of all... God bless your family. My heart aches for you. I have followed your story for just about 9 months now. You asked how Luke has affected me, and let me tell you. My second daughter just turned 9 months old yesterday. She has been the hardest baby, much different from my first born. She has had colic, milk allergies, ect. Obviously nothing major and we are blessed. But it has been hard. There was a time when all she did was scream. And I mean scream for about 16 hours a day (before we knew of the allergies). It was so hard. I would feel like I was at my breaking point, and then I would think of your beautiful little boys face... and his story. And I would cry... and rock her and thank God, that fussy as she may be... we are blessed. Luke has been like a little angel on my shoulder. When she is difficult I really do picture his sweet face and I am at peace and have patience beyond what I have ever known. His life will forever have impact in mine. God bless you guys. And thank you for your strength.

Tina and Todd said...

My heart continues to ache for your loss. I don't really know you or Luke, but feel such a close connection to Nicol as a mother as I had my baby just about a month after Luke passed away - and I held your precious faces before our Father asking Him to uphold your hurting hearts. Love to you all.

Pipsylou said...

I keep writing something and erasing it because whatever I write sounds so trite. Luke has deeply impacted my life but I want some time to formulate the words in my mind before I put them here.

Anonymous said...

Luke inspires me to be a better parent. My sons are nearly grown now and yet your precious son reminds me of how each day with them is a blessing and never to be taken for granted. My heart and prayers are with you and your families -- Luke will never be forgotten.

Andrea said...

I sit here lost for words. I ache with you. I have three children. My youngest is almost ten months and he is a joy. This is why my hearts aches. However, I do KNOW pain that cannot be described. My daughter, Caroline is 6 years old. She suffered an injury at birth which has left her severely handicapped. She cannot eat, walk, talk, or manipulate a toy. We do everything for her. I understand loss. Each year on her birthday we struggle over how to celebrate it. She can't why bother with a cake? She can't play with why bother with gifts? We grieve "what could have been" all the time. However, God is so good! These last almost 7 years with her have been the roller coast ride of a lifetime...with my savior. He isn't safe...and He asks us to do what seems unthinkable. But, He is there! He never leaves. Feel free to visit my blog. It tells of our story. It is I would be honored for you to read it. Nicol, God has used your voice in my car many times to encourage me through song. I sing on the praise team at my church. So often I offer a sacrifice of praise...especially when I don't feel like praising. I still do out of obedience. I will approach the Almighty for joy, peace, and wisdom. May you be blessed today! You have blessed so many...praise be to our God!!

Anonymous said...

I still think of your family from time to time. Time...that is about all that heals isn't it.
In prayer.

Hope James Wilson said...

My heart aches along with yours over the loss of your precious Luke...

Ang said...

I hug my children closer every moment because of Luke and Audrey.

Shannon said...

I linked to your blog through Bring the Rain. What sweet pictures of your precious son...

I was at a funeral just this morning for a sweet 29 year old mom of one, who lost her tough battle w/ cancer... one of the songs sung had the line, "God will hold you in the palm of His Hand..." I hope he does that for you tonight too, as you "grieve w/ hope."

I have been blessed to tears more than once through a Selah song..."Before the Throne of God Above" being a favorite... thank you for sharing the gift God has richly blessed you with...His Spirit lives in YOU!

Kristen said...

Your precious boy was born just a week after my son last year. After his death my heart just ached for you and I held my son even tighter each day. In the months of following your blog, I have learned to love your Lukey through all you have written of him. Such a beautiful boy! I have learned from your faith, praise, and hope through your grief. I have learned to appreciate all of my blessings and how fleeting they can be. Even more this past week, as we lost our baby to miscarriage. Watching how you have handled your grief with such faith and grace, while being open about your struggles, has helped me in this new struggle of mine. Thank you for sharing your swwet boy and your life with all of us.

Daron and Theresa said...

WE dont know you. We dont know your husband, your daughter, and didnt know your precious baby Luke...but I just wanted to tell you that we pray for you every single day. Our hearts broke when we heard about your son, and the moment we did read about it we started on our prayer list for you. Please know that a family in Virginia prays for you daily and lifts up your total family into the Lord's light. May God bless you and keep you.

mccoy5 said...

praying for you and hugging my little one while thanking God for each and every blessed second with them ... ~Lisa

Stephanie said...

Dear Sponberg family,
I have never commented here, but found out about yall through Angie's blog. A friend emailed Angie's info to me after the loss of my own twin son who was unexpectedly stillborn in November of 2007. My heart goes out to yall. I know Luke's birthday has already come and gone, but for us bereaved parents here everyday is painful without them especially those days we had imagined so differently. I pray that the prayers of so many who know Luke's story were able to give you some sort of peace on such a bittersweet day. Lifting your family up to the Lord.
God bless you,
Stephanie Boutwell

Shari said...

I felt like I had 'gotten to know' Luke through Angie's references to him on her blog. I remember the feeling of utter shock and sadness when I read of his sudden passing. I also remember being in prayer for a family I'd never even met on the day of his funeral unable to imagine the heartache you were going through. I've thought of you often and continue to do so. I'll continue to pray for healing for your entire family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Greg and Nicol,
Recently a couple we know dedicated their son at church. The father spoke of how their boy at some point in his early months of life stopped breathing. His mom was holding him at the time and was able to immediately start CPR and call an ambulance. He had a lung infection common in preemies and often a cause of SIDS. God spared his life, and many people listening to the dad's story were in tears, praising God. I, however, was in tears thinking of your family, asking God "why couldn't you have let the Sponbergs know something was wrong in time to save their son, like you did for this family? Why did you spare one boy and not the other?" I read your blog regularly, and wonder at your faith. Luke's life and death have brought into sharp focus for me just how little control we have over our lives and the lives of those we love. I also think people like yourselves who have faced catastrophic loss and yet still trust in the God who could have prevented it all do great harm to the enemy of souls. If anyone had a reason to lose their faith in God, it would be parents of a child that died so young and for no discernible reason. But your faith, so far, has held, and what a victory that must be in the spirit world. I also wonder if, like combat soldiers who've fought on the front lines of a long, difficult war seem to instantly understand one another, you'll know the Lord in a deeper way in Eternity, deeper than those of us who've been spared such loss. He was the Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief. I would never ask to go through what you have just faced, just so I could know Him better. And yet I wonder...what would it be like to have a faith that strong? Strong enough to face the worst evil and not fail?
This is how your son has impacted my life. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

Shelby said...

Hi there...Found your blog through Angie's just recently. I was heartbroken to hear Luke's story. I prayed for your family and as it nears the one year anniversary of his loss I am praying again for comfort and continued healing!

Anonymous said...

This family lost their son just this week to SIDS. As I read their heartbreak, I thought of your family sharing the same journey of grief.

Anonymous said...

We know about you through Angie's blog...we lost our daughter in 2004 and had our son, Lucas, in 2005....we named him Lucas because of the meaning "Bearer of the Light" because he brought us out of the darkness of our loss. We will be praying this new life will do the same for your family.

About Me said...

Oh, my eyes are filled with tears as I read this post! Luke has touched my life and my heart! I will be praying for you as you continue this journey!

Courtney Kay said...

I heard about Luke, Audrey and Maria on the WMUZ from my fav. radio personality Robin Sullivan. from then on, I have been devoted to your family and to the Lord's work through and beyond the loss of a child.

Stacey Doran said...

This post is very late but I have not been able to read your blog lately but your family has been pressing on my mind so often. I met you and Nicol through our church last year, Tunnel Hill First Baptist, but just in brief passings. I do remember the first time my husband Bryan and I saw Luke at the concert Nicol sang last year in Dalton. Bryan noticed Lukes hair and how precious he was. He was the center of lots of hugs and kisses when we passed by. Our hearts broke and we greived for your family when we heard the news. Although I didn't know you personally I felt I needed to be there for the funeral because as a mother I cannot imagine the grief you were enduring. I pray that in some way God let all of those who knew of your loss endure some part of it for you because I know its too much to bear on your own. Luke was a beautiful baby boy and I know you miss him and although I didn't know him, I miss him too. Your family has blessed me in so many ways (your continued faith in God, your love for your family, Nicol's music are just a few of the ways) and I hope that God blesses you, Nicol, and Summer and continues to lift you up every day. Still praying for your family. Your Friend, Stacey Doran

Anonymous said...

I have followed Luke's blog when Angie mentioned him in her blog. The music on the blog was so healing. We miscarried in October. I was SO excited for you all when I read that Nicole was expecting. Filled with so many emotions. When you lost that baby I grieved with you as well. Know that there is a family in California that shares your joys and mourns with you.

Erin Joy said...

My nephew passed away at 9 months, 27 days on January 27th this year. His life here on earth was marked by some significant physical challenges and setbacks, and although his longterm prognosis was encouraging, he passed away quite suddenly and without any warning. His doctors, who had seen him nearly every day of his little life, were compeltely baffled. The pain of that loss was felt deeply by my brother's family & us, his siblings/parents as well.

It wasn't until the funeral that I saw the widespread impact he had on so many. His doctors and nurses were all there, sharing stories of how his fight for survival gave them such hope & encouragement. People from our past that we hadn't seen in years showed up with tears in their eyes, hearing of our little Caiden's homegoing and wanting to share what the knowledge of his life meant to them. Through all the anger, sadness, and frustration over this situation, God used my husband to break through. During the funeral, Peter leaned over and whispered, "Although I don't know what God had in mind when he took Caiden home, it's clear that his influence spread far and touched many. At our age, can we say we've touched as many people as Caiden? Have we pointed them to God like he has?" Wow.

I identify with the grief you outline here in this blog, and so many of your words have brought fresh tears as I think of my precious nephew. His little legs that wouldn't have walked here, are running with Jesus. His little voice, limited by the trach tube, is singing sweet praises to His maker. So comforting to imagine, so hard to understand, but so thankful that my Savior holds him now, and holds the rest of us who are working through the aftermath of grief.

God bless your family, and be encouraged that you will see Luke again.