Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spurgeon : The Way to Joy

[ On Psalm 19:8a, the precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart ]

"It is true ... there are excellent truths in [other writings], but yet they are far short of [the Scriptures]. Those may comfort against outward trouble, but not against inward fears; they may rejoice the mind, but cannot quiet the conscience; they may kindle some flashy sparkles of joy, but they cannot warm the soul with a lasting fire of solid consolations."

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sheila said...

I get it. It's God's word that comforts, and heals. Why is it, sometimes, when we are at our lowest, we can't find the energy for what will give us energy and strength? God forgive me and help me. Thank you Lord for placing people I don't even know in my path to minister and show the way when all seems dark. Thank you Greg for your words today, it's been a rough few days. I pray you and Nicol and Summer are finding some peace and comfort, praying for each of you and may you be flooded with family and friends to surround you. In God's Love, sheila

Anonymous said...

I have a prayer request for you. There is a couple that are friends of mine that just lost their 6 month old boy to SIDS. It has been very hard on them and I am praying that their marriage will withstand this loss. Their names our Kelli and Justin.
Thank you.

Joy G said...

That is SO good. Scripture is truly my mainstay.

Kristy said...

Tis so true.

Suzanne said...

Just wanted to pass on my mother in laws facebook update...

Vicki Ward Iseminger is so glad that a caller to WRBS told me that the song, Resurrection by Nicol Sponberg heard on our station kept him from taking his life! What an awesome God!

KK said...

Thanks for sharing this Greg. Charles H. Spurgeon is a favorite of mine. His "Daily Help" was given to me for a high school graduation gift and I continued to read it daily through ALL of those years. I lost it when we lost our home in a fire in 2005 but found a wonderful 'heavily used' one on the internet when I started trying to replace tidbits of life before the fire. The one I found had been signed to a couple in Christmas 1956. This devotional is once again a 'treasure'. He RESTORES....blessings to you and your family,
Matthew 21:22
Rev. 21:5

PS As a 'sidenote', I found "Bring The Rain" while searching for Selah's music, to replace favorite cd's once again sometime after the fire. All of your family; your beliefs, your faith, your talents and your testimony are all such an inspiration to me. Thanks.