Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Drum roll please...

Well, here are the mystery "terms", including your very clever and interesting guesses!   
#1 -- Y2J

You Two Jesus
Yes to Jesus
Year to Jesus
Year to Joke
Year to Rejoice
You Too Jesus
Moving (to a new place) & Moving (through your grief)

The answer? KK got it right! Yield to Jesus... or Yielded... or Yielding... not sure which best explains it... to me, Yield implies a command, Yielded implies a declaration, Yielding implies a process... but you get the idea... and probably the best choice would be "all of the above".

#2 -- M&M's

Me & Marriage
More & More (of Jesus)
Meddle & Mumble (two things you won't do anymore)
Marriage & Money
(Get an endless supply of peanut) M&M's (at Costco)
Me & My (house, we will serve the Lord)

Answer? M&M's, as in plain or peanut, but there's more to it. Here's a hint in the form of two questions: Which is better? (ask me today and I'll say plain; ask me next week and I might say peanut; but you really can't go wrong either way) and Who did Jesus say had chosen the better thing? (ok, that should totally give it away) 

More about all this later. My mind is mush... I didn't fall asleep until 4:00am this morning and, after sitting a very thought-provoking, intense conference all day yesterday, I can barely think at all right now.

Now, go on and grab a bag of M&M's and have a great evening! :-)


txmomx6 said...

Martha and Mary!!!!!!!

txmomx6 said...

Though to answer your question ..... Mary!

Janet & Aden said...

More & More...
Yielded 2 Jesus...!

Be blessed my Brother

The Springsteen's

Michelle said...

M&M's - I like the mix-ups, with the plain, the peanuts and the crispys. Also partial to the mint ones...

Anyway, Mary and Martha have so many good lessons. Like, it is okay to be doing/serving Jesus, just as it is okay to sit at His feet soaking Him in. Which I think is the better, but also the harder to do. It can seem a waste of time to 'be' rather than 'do', but we can minister more (and God ministers more to us) out of 'being'. Does that make sense?

Kristy said...

Martha and Mary? Which is better? Sitting at His feet? I don't know how the "M" comes in. I will have to stay tuned!

sheila said...

Ah, I had it all along, the M&M, Mary and Martha... right? We had a small group called M&M (Mary and Martha's); which sometimes we need Martha's and more times than not we need to be Mary's.

Yielded; a process. I'll have to think on that one. Process, being continual; not just one time.....

Take care, in God's love, sheila

~ shi ~ said...

I love that! Yielding...Yes every minute of every day, trying! However the M&m's...kinda a funny story! I went sugar free/flour free on Jan 1st...and M&M's my biggest temptation! And there they are bigger then life egging me on...but wait...Yielding..YEA thanks :)