Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update : 1609

No time to write (it's really late and we have to be up really early) but I wanted to touch base real quick... I'll write again on Thursday. 

Tomorrow we will be at a marriage conference all day. The speaker is Dan Allender from Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle, WA. We attended the first session tonight and, based on what we heard from our teacher in those 2+ hours, we are in for an incredible day tomorrow. Really looking forward to it!
On the subject of New Year's Resolutions, I have two mystery "terms" for you related to personal themes/goals for 2009 that I have been thinking thru the past couple of days. 

#1: Y2J

#2: M&M

Any thoughts on what these two terms might mean? [ :-) ]    


Angie said...

1# You two Jesus
2# Me and Marriage

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

1. Yes to Jesus!

and I have to think about M and M!!!

Kristy said...

Year To Jesus?

M&M, Hhuuuummmmmm?

Eat more chocolate? Somehow, I don't think that's it!

Have a wonderful time at the marriage conference!

Julie D. said...

Let's see, Y2J? You TOO Jesus and M&M, MORE & MORE (of Jesus that is). Have a great time at your conference!!

Love in Christ! Julie Doody

Paige said...

#1--Year to joke--you really need to not be so serious...:)

#2--Meddle and mumble--two things you won't do anymore!

I have NO clue, but I am scavenging for some M&Ms now--thanks for that!


Deryle said...

Yes to Jesus and Marriage & Money..

daniella said...

1. Year to Jesus
2. Get an endless suply of peanut M&M's at Cosco?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Y2K meant Year 2000

Y2J--is it Year to Rejoice?

M&M!! LOL! I have not a clue but hope it's great!!!

Vicki said...

Hi Greg, I'll go with my immediate thoughts.

#1 Year to Jesus

#2 More & More (of Him)

So when is the big reveal??

Love, Mom

Stephanie said...

#1 Year 2 Jesus (as in giving the year to Jesus)

#2 Moving (to a new place) & Moving (through your grief)

Maggy said...

LOL # M&M's chocolate?
YTJ?no clue.

Enjoy your time with your wifeand what God will shw you trough this conference.

Prayers and Love in Christ for your family.

KK said...

#1 Yield to Jesus
#2 ? Still thinking ?
Praying for your family,

Angela said...


I have no clue! The Y2J keeps getting confused with Y2K in my brain. The first thing that comes to mind for M&M is Me and My house - as in we will serve the Lord, not the one you want to sell :).


Rami*Reconciled said...

Yes to Jesus (woohooo)

and No to M&M's? (boooooo)

Tina and Todd said...

Enjoy the conference - I love Dan Allender...and he is an excellent real speaker!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Just wondering how that conference went. I actually attended Mars Hill but never went to one of the marriage conferences. Hope you guys enjoyed Dan and all the interesting info he shares!