Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"cutter inner" defined [ :-) ]

cut-ter in-ner - noun
(1) one who paints around the edges of trim, window, floors, ceilings, etc., and in corners
(2) one who "cuts in" during the painting process

--a job normally reserved for those with a steady hand, attention to detail, and much patience (...seriously)
--novice cutter inners should use painter's tape (...yup)
--novice and pro cutter inners alike should use an angled 3" good quality brush (...yeah, yeah)

[ read the "update and very random thoughts" post and you'll understand ]


Kristin said...

Hi, I was sent your blog from a coworker of mine who attends church in Presque Isle Maine. She said that a family lost a baby due to sids, and that the blog that the father has going is very comforting. In Feb of 08' I lost my 7 year old daughter in a tragic car accident. For the last 7 months I have been lost and confused, as she was my life. I have been robbed of so many 1st. 1st Communion, 1st Soccer Game, 1st Day of 3rd Grade and so many other and many more to come over the years. It's so hard to pick up the pieces when someone who you love so much is no longer with you. I know that she's in my heart and in my prayer, but to hug her and hold her and play with her and hear her voice is what I want more than anything! As i'm sure you already know..you are not alone! Find peace in knowing that your little one is an angel just like mine! Much Love! Kristin

Angie said...

Oh my goodness we just discussed how I am a horrible detail painter. I tried to help my husband paint his gameroom and yada yada yada we had to hire someone to fix it. Good luck with the staging!

sheila said...

Ha, thanks for the definition. I did use painters tape when I painted, however, I wouldn't exactly call myself a 'cutter inner', lol. My husband and I tried hanging wallpaper together ONCE he's a perfectionist, me not so much)so I noticed that you and Nicol were doing seperate rooms, ummm. Thank you Jesus that opposites attract and compliment each other. Wasn't God good when he created man and woman. God bless you richly today; the weekend is almost here. I'll be praying for a quick sale/closing. In God's love, sheila

Bttrfly1976 said...

I HATE that part of painting!!

Alysa said...

My dad's a painter, so I understand that term perfectly.

Except, here in Australia we'd probably say "cutter-inner-er."

Add an extra "er" (pronounced "uh" in Australia) to the end, for added emphasis.