Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update : 91708

[ Good morning! We've deviated from the original plan a little bit, but stuff is getting done. Yesterday was productive and we're at it again this morning. ]

--Nicol finished the guest room and cleared out some of the clutter in the kitchen (where does all this stuff come from?)
--I finished painting the laundry room
--Summer was content watching Barney and playing with her toys

--pack/stage office and dining room

--we have a plumber here for a couple of minor fixes; I tried to take care of it on Monday but water started spraying everywhere... don't ask :-(

--move boxes and furniture into the garage (Thursday)

--pack/stage living room and master b-room (Thursday)
--pack/stage kitchen (Saturday)

More later...


georgia tarheel said...

Will be praying. You guys are busy little bees aren't you? When you are finished, can you come help clean out my stuff? LOL

I pray God blesses you in a big way today!

Jocelyn said...

I tell ya...that de-cluttering and staging stuff is not so fun. But, afterwards you think..."why can't we LIVE like this (clutter free)?"

Our house is for sale an hour south of where we rent a duplex now...patiently waiting on the Lord for it to sell.

You will definitely be in my prayers.

(Btw, first time commenter, from Angie's blog...)

Angela said...

You two are amazing! Look at all the work you have accomplished already! Sum-Sum is doing her job quite well, too. Hugs from Auntie! I know this has been way beyond tough but God will continue to give you the strength you need (Phil. 4:13). I just wish I were there to help but Maine is a long way away :-).


Anna said...

Sounds like you're making great progress!

Tara Renae said...

Hey Greg,
I haven't posted lately for lack of something wonderful to say. I still don't have much, but I have a comment and a few questions.
1st, know that I have been on my knees for you and your family during this time. Most people cannot begin to understand the paint that still remains, but through sharing Lukey with this blog, you are keeping his memory alive and helping others to heal.
I am so proud of you guys going back to the house to get it ready to sell. That must be incredibly hard but hopefully it can be somewhat cathartic as well. We are all there with you in spirit and in prayer.
Now for the questions:
~Are you guys going to go to TN right away, even before the house sells?
~Are you going to keep Luke's Foundation in GA or move the addy to TN?
~If I have something to send to that address for you guys should I still send it to GA?

Well, I think that is about it. Blessings upon you,
Your sister in Christ,
Tara Renae

The Catons said...

lol...okay, so I have to confess. I have been reading for awhile..praying for yall. And have always wondered about the numbers in the titles of some of your posts...yeah, totally just figured out that it is the date that you wrote the post. WOW!!! talk about a "blonde moment!!!"