Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update and Very Random Thoughts : 91608

--Nicol finished Summer's room... did I mention she's amazing?
--I finished the "cutting in" part of painting the laundry room. It took 3 coats to cover the deep red/burgundy with "Huntington Beige"... which reminds me of a cup of coffee with plenty of cream in it. I may just be the worst cutter inner you've ever seen. But ptl that part is done. I just rolled the first coat and am waiting for it to dry so I can put the second coat on. Yep, it's going to take 3 coats too. Thought I'd update you while I wait.

--Nicol is working on the guest room and making good progress. We got a good start this morning... arrived at about 8:15 and started right in.
--I'll finish painting the laundry room.
--Somehow try to keep Summer occupied... she's watching Barney now so we're good!

--Given the state of the economy, the degree to which it has changed in the past year, record high gas prices, the poor housing market, the stock market's 500 point drop yesterday, the financial institutions that have been bailed out by the government in recent months with still others in deep trouble...

What might we anticipate for the future of our churches in these times?

In most places, giving has already been affected by the downturn in the economy. What should we expect if these trends continue?

I'm thinking of a number of places that have recently gone thru major building projects... I'm talking about places that have spent $90-100M, $30M, $25M, $8M... and one that I was told last week was beginning a long-term $50M capital campaign. That's a lot of dough and I wonder what will happen if our economy gets so bad that people can't continue to give at these levels... or even travel sometimes long distances to attend church, forcing them to stay closer to home.

Will we be looking at a bunch of very large, very empty buildings?

The church is the body, Your people. Lord Jesus, help us to remember that.

On a completely different note (I told you this would be random)...

--7 great questions for every husband to ask himself...
(1) Am I submitting to my wife out of reverence for Christ? (Eph. 5:21)
(2) Am I laying down my life for my bride as Christ did for His? (Eph. 5:25)
(3) Am I consistently sharing the Word with my wife? (Eph. 5:26)
(4) Am I looking out for my wife's needs and concerns like I tend to look out for my own? (Eph. 5:28)
(5) Am I united with my wife? (Eph. 5:31)
(6) Am I considerate and understanding with my wife? (1 Peter 3:7)
(7) Do I treat my wife with the respect she deserves as my partner and heir of the gift of life? (1 Peter 3:7)

A tall order. I wish I could say I have these things down. I wish I could say it all comes easy. But I can't.

Asking myself is one thing. Asking a friend for their observations would be another. Asking my wife would be to take this extremely seriously.

I have to go paint now... and ask Nicol a couple of questions.


Denise said...

You're a good man for even thinking the questions about your role as a husband . . . but an even better man for actually having the courage to ask your wife and appreciate her response.
Nicol is a lucky lady, indeed!

Linda Goossen said...

Great post! I'm sure we've all thought about these things recently!

Thanks for putting them down for us.

HollieHobbie said...

You are so cool, Greg! So transparent. So thought-provoking. So Godly. So gentle. So strong. Such a good writer. And I bet a great preacher.
We are too far away.

M said...

I been thinking about you guys this morning and praying, about your thoughs in church buildings. I can tell you we do house church with a couple of other families, and every family still
active and working with other church organizations or helping missionaries overseas .
My husband is in school so he can be a missionarie pilot with MAF just to let you know that can happen, lets remember missioanries overseas that they have to meet at houses,they don't need a temple to be build for that specific needs.
I am in prayer for you guys please don't forget.
I think I am better at praying for others than praying for myself.
Love in Christ.

Stacy D said...

Sounds like a productive day so far! I have painted over red paint before, too... not fun.

My prayers continue to be with you guys, that you are able to get the house ready in a timely fashion, that it would sell quickly, and that being back in GA would be as easy as possible for you. We'll also be praying for a smooth transition to Nashville.

~ Stacy

sheila said...

Wow, you guys mean business. Asking God to do his part is one thing, it's when you do your part also that God will honor. What exactly is a 'cutter inner'? Ah, don't bother, sounds like too much work to me. Maybe we'll all start meeting at home churches, that's scriptual. By the way, I do love my church family. Great questions, I can just tell you take 'husband' seriously. I don't know how you and Nicol met, but I know God gave you to each other. Take care of one another and love on Summer some more. God bless your hands today as you work. In God's Love, sheila

georgia tarheel said...

I laughed out loud at the "cutter inner" comment. My husband is very meticulous when it comes to painting (using a two-inch brush on a bedroom wall anyone else would roll because he "wants to see the brush strokes") and I am not so meticulous! It is not often anymore that I am even asked to help with the painting and DEFINITELY not the cutting in! So I might be able to give you a run for your money on that title! LOL

Thanks for the thought provoking questions at the end. I am guessing you are those to your wife since you are willing to question that of yourself.

Praying for you as you work hard to get the house ready.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't live in Michigan, I would offer to help paint and get the house ready so the two of you wouldn't have to go back to the painful memories held there. Hopefully the time will pass quickly and that you will feel God's strength.

Nicol is envied for having such a loving, caring, godly husband. :) Simply asking these questions shows your devotion to her and your seriousness about your God-given role. Hopefully you got the answers from her you were hoping for :)


krista said...

I love random thoughts! I think that they inspire such thought provoking conversations-obviously. I also think that painting is quite therapeutic. xoxo Krista