Monday, September 29, 2008

Update : 92808


--No bites on the house; there will be an open house this coming Sunday, October 5. We will see what happens.

--More Summer funnies: at our friends place the other day she found a cow patty to be too interesting to just pass by and, while "examining" it a little to closely, she said to Nicol "that's a big, big one." ... then, on Sunday morning I was trying to read Nicol a really great story from The Ragamuffin Gospel and Summer was very irritated that she didn't have our full attention, so she kept saying "scuse me, scuse me, daaaaady scuse me" to which I responded "Summer, you need to wait until I'm done talking to Mamma" to which she responded "you're not listening" as she neslted into a chair with her sometimes-I-get-angry face on (she was seriously ticked at this point and, yes, that's a Barney song for those of you who recognize it... sometimes I get angry, sometimes I get sad...) so when I was done reading I said, "Go ahead Summer" and, not-so-predictably, she said, "May grace and peace [be yours] in abundance." We busted out laughing on that one.

--We learned today that Matt Bryant (the kicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and his wife lost their son to SIDS last week... Wednesday I think. Thanks to Angie for letting us know about that today. I have prayed for them throughout the day as I've thought about them. Lord God, give them grace. Hearing the news and reading about the Bryant story has torn at the scabs on our hearts.

--What's up with the numbers? Like the one in the title of this post for instance, 92808. It's today's date. A few of you have asked about it or commented that you had figured it out. I know, I'm weird. There really is no point to it. [ :-) ]


created2teach said...

The date? I just had to ask! I hang my head in shame. I are a skool teachuh. I do teach language arts and reading, probably because numbers & I do not often click. Unfortunately, now all your readers know that too. lol.

noahandlylasmommi said...

LOL Summer comes up with the cutest things :) I bet she keeps a smile on yout face.

I will be praying for the family that lost their little boy.

krista said...

Baahaahaahaa! Summer's vocabulary is amazing!

sheila said...

I read about the Bryant's little boy and my mind immediately went to Baby Luke and your family. I'll be keeping them in prayer also. Over the weekend (still riding out the storm) I had a particularly hard time allowing sleep to come; as I sat there praying and seeking God, he gave me wisdom: I cannot add one day to my dh life and more importantly I CANNOT take one day away. No matter what I do or don't do I cannot take one day of his life away (no need to notify the police, I'm not planning anything, I do love my husband. But this was significant, huge. The choices I make and the things I do are, in respect, not going to change the days numbered at the beginning of time for my husband or for the Bryant boy or Baby Luke. It's the guilt that Satan likes to throw at us and trip us up as Christians. I am guilty of allowing it to swallow me at times. I thank the my Lord and God to help me realize this. He is so merciful and gracious to me. May God continue to be merciful and gracious to your family this week.

Anonymous said...

Your Summer is a hoot!
This story reminds me of my 3 yr old. Often, when I have to get on to him, he'll say, "OK, Mama!! Have a nice day!!" And his tone has enough attitude to make any teenager proud!
My prayers continue for you and your family!
May you continue to find the joy in every day.